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When I Look At The Miracles Around Me.

So today really i’ve just been sitting here thinking. Thinking about a lot of things.  I’m in a very pensive mood you could say. Today’s just a good day. And it deserves a good long post i guess.  But i don’t want to type it right now and why would i do that in the first place. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a 4 minute long video must be worth about 6 million words. Just watch the video i posted above this text. That’s pretty much sums up life right now. 🙂

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Life In A Northern Town.

So today is a very chill Sunday for me. Idk today is just a good day!! I slept in until 7:30 and it’s just been a good day all around! But i don’t really have much to blog about today. Except that there is a beautiful blue sky outside, the wind is blowing a little but it’s still really nice outside.  I’m in a real Sugarland kind of mood. Idk just in a good mood today. Tomorrows going to be good 🙂 So i have decided that i am going to make a page on here soon with just my drawings/doodles on it. It should be fun. So yeah. I’ll get to work with that.

Have a good Sunday Everybody! 🙂

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I Still Don’t Really Have Much Too Say

Well it’s Sunday and I still don’t really have much too say but I’m gonna post anyways. The weather outside is slightly breezy and the tempature is 64 degrees farenheight. Good day to read a book. That’s all I have to say today. Au Revoir.

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It’s Sunday

Well it’s sunday and I don’t have much to say except that I can’t wait for school tomorrow!!! I’m tired and can’t wait for bed either. Well I will be sure to post again tomorrow. I am NOT falling behind again on here that was such a pain! I’ll talk to y’all soon!

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