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So today’s been pretty good. I’ve had a good day. I’ve had actually a really good day.  So yeah this is my song for the day. I love Montgomery Gentry. And i love this song. Montgomery Gentry is awesome. I saw them in concert and yeah they’re just amazing! Their music actually means stuff. So yeah while you’re reading this listen to my song of the day.

So today we all found out the results of the student coucil election. And guess what? Well i’m the representative for the junior class of 2012 next year! It’s so exciting and so scary at the same time. It’ll be good for me though, i know it will be. It will actually make me talk. So yeah i’m excited!! That’s only one of the many reasons that today has been great.

The next reason is that it’s amazingly nice outside right now. Like oh my great good goshness nice outside. The sky is an amazing blue and it just makes my day even better! Oh how i really really like the sky! So yeah that makes me happy.

Also we’re starting our final projects in my history class and i’m excited about that and can’t wait to start my project (i’ll probly do that in a few minuets).

And i’m applying for a job at Subway.

Don’t know if i really want a job right now but oh well you have to start somewhere.

So yeah. That’s about all that has happened today.

Oh yeah and i played Boston in orchestra! Which is an amazing song, that reminds me that i need to look up the lyrics for tomorrow. It’s such a fun piano piece.

So yeah that’s all i have to say.

You all are awesome!!! 🙂


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So What, I’ve Got A Smile On.

So today has been a really calm day for me. And with John Mayor on my iPod i’m pressing play. I just love being so relaxed. And sir John Mayor and Michael Buble sure do help with that 😉

Sooooooo school tomorrow. That should be interesting.  I’m actually looking forward to it. I don’t really have anything to worry about so why not look forward to it. And so what if i’ve got a smile on this happy face. Oh how i’m ready for it to get warmer outside.

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. And all the things you do.

🙂 Have a good night everyone.

(Oops forgot about my nightly thing to provoke your thoughts)

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

If so ask yourself why.

And if not, ask yourself why.

Because, everything is connected, and everything happens for a reason.

Trust me.

🙂 Goodnight all.

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Homecoming Week!!!!!!

Well this week is homecoming week. I just got back from our pep rally/assembly/bonfire. We crowned our royalty in the gym and then went outside for the bonfire, which was AWESOME!!!! Really I didn’t do much. Just walked around and talked and drank hot chocolate but it was fun and I like homecoming week.  It’s always fun and we always get to dress up crazy to school during the week. I am really looking forward to the football game tomorrow against Ashfork. We are going to beat them SOOO bad. Tomorrow night will be a victory and it’ll be awesome. Last years homecoming game was pretty awesome and if I remember right we won!!!! And we are going to win again this year!!!! WOHOOOOO GO MUSTANGS!!!!!!!!!! I’ve noticed a lot of our students do NOT have a lot of school spirit but I know I do!! So I am going to post part of our fight song!!!!!!

We’re proud of our school a dream come true and we’ll do our best to be loyal to you, wearing red black and silver with heartfelt pride!! We’re the mustangs of Mogollon High. View Image

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La Belle Jeune Fille sans Merci

Well I really am not sure what to post about today, and if your curious about what the title of this post means then look it up by all means cause I’m not gonna tell you!!! 🙂 It’s really not that hard to look something like that up. I’m not fluent in French but I know a few things. Well today’s been good. My bus driver found my mp3 player so I got it back after school which is awesome. I’m almost done with my speech in ACADEC which is also awesome cause I’ll now have that out of the way. But I still have to study. Oh well I don’t mind I like studying for ACADEC. I read my fiction story in English today. I was so nervous but I got that done and over with and I’m glad I did cause now I’m loosing my voice. WELL GUESS WHAT!!! I’m gonna update my school tab with my current grades like now-ish. So I’ll post again tomorrow. Until then. Au Revoir everbody!!

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Just Keep Swimming

Well I have to leave to go to school in approximately 20 minutes or so. I am just gonna blog cause I am already ready for school and have nothing better to do. Well first of all I have an orchestra concert tonight with the high school orchestra, and then tomorrow night I have an orchestra concert with the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra. Both concerts are going to be AWESOME!!!! Have I mentioned NaNoWriMo yet? I do believe I have and let me just make an add on to that. NOVEMBER IS GOING TO BE AWESOMEx10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to write my novel and our instructor told us to tell people enthusiastically about it so here I am telling the WHOLE WORLD!!! Like the whole world actually reads it anyways. I’m pretty sure it’s just a few select people that only read it every now and then cause my numbers are up and down and up and down and all over the place there is no regularity at all. SOOOOO if you read this blog and enjoy seeing what I’m up to and what my views on things are then by all means direct your friends to my site!!! Please, really I didn’t mean the exclamation points I just got EXCITED. But please recomend this site to your friends, I only get maybe 2 or 3 views a day and I’d love it if that number were larger.

Well hey there Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down what do you gotta do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming.

 Au Revior everyone!!

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Well I’m in class and I am still getting on my blog. There isn’t much to do meaning as I already finished my assignment. I’m gonna go home after ACADEC practice today and watch A Cinderella Story just cause that’s a good movie and I like it and i want to watch it. Well I guess I should get off of my blog now cause the bell is about to ring. Remember people KEEP READING!!!!!!!!

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Sorry Peoples

Well if any of you actually read this blog (which by the view counts lately it doesn’t seem like many of you) sorry cause I am pretty busy and sometimes I forget to post!! I try to post every day but if I don’t I am apoligizing in advance right now. . I am about to head off to school so you can almost garentee a post after school 🙂 Have a good day everyone!!!!

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