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:) Oh What A Day!

Well today has been pretty awesome. . Didn’t get to see much of the beautiful blue sky but oh well. There is always tomorrow.  Symphony went great, Ms. Bailey wasn’t here but it was still fun. I allowed myself to relax and behold my back is not nearly as sore. Relaxing helps so much, and it also improves my playing and/or vibrato by 10 million times! So yeah.

It was a beautiful day today. It was fairly warm and the wind wasn’t blowing 400 miles an hour, and i didn’t get frustrated with anyone at school.  And i got to see the sky for a few minutes in between classes, which i haven’t been able to do until today for fear of blowing away in the wind.

I got new shoes.

They’re pink, i was going to get blue ones, but pink is a girl color you know!

They’re really comfy and a lot better then the shoes i had before.

So it’s like 11 pm and i really should be asleep but i just got home like 45 min ago so i’m not even very tired yet. Just wait 10 min and i’ll bout be falling asleep at the computer (lol no i wont cause i’ll be in bed in like 2).

So really that’s all i have to say for today.

Today was good, and i hope your day was good today as well!!!!

I loved today, it was odd but i still loved it.

And i definatly ate my share of little caesars pizza for a month, goodness.

So have a good day today, um er i meant tomorrow i guess. Yeah have a good day tomorrow! It is friday you know! So i hope all of you have a very enjoyable day in every way! While i write poetry and try not to annoy everybody too awful bad!

Thanks all of you, for reading.


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By: Lindsey Townsend

The piano he sings, he moves, he feels

One minute he’s fast and happy with joy

The next he moves SLOW and is bitter  with hate

He sings like an opera singer, on a stage

Hitting high notes and low  

                Happy notes and sad

Now his feet move FURIOUSLY

                Changing the sound

                Now he’s dancing



Happiness overwhelms  him

                He’s wearing all white

                His feet moving fast 1-2-3-1-2

But then he slips back down

                Now wearing all black

                His feet stop moving

                He just stands there

                                Still                      and mourning


The keys to happiness are LARGE and many




All it takes is a few small keys and his emotions are  pǝddıןɟ


Back and forth

                Forth and back


Happy – Sad

                Sad – Happy


The piano is confused as to his emotions but


                Right now

                                He thinks

                                                That he



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