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I Wanna Swim Away But Don’t Know How

Well this is my second post today. I really have nothing betther to do.  I have no phone. I have nothing to do. I don’t want to read anymore. I’m just not in the mood too. I’ll finish my book tomorrow, but not tonight. It’s eight o’clock and I already am thinking about going to bed. Tomorrow’s picture day. I have no idea what I am going to wear.  Just normal clothes I guess. It’s just picture day, nothing that important. I’m thinking purple though,  I like purple so yeah I’ll probly wear purple.  I’m in a more musical mood then I am bookwormy mood. Blue October is awesome no doubt. Their music speaks to me, and I listen. Well I watched August Rush again today. I love that movie. Well I should get off now. Keep commenting. (not that I’ve gotten any comments yet in the first place!!) So comment and remember KEEP READING!!!!

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Posted by on September 7, 2009 in Blue October, Books, Me, Music


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