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Awesomeness x NaNoWriMo!!

Well like I said earlier while I was at school I am now posting since I have now gotten home. I will try and keep the posts going regular so KEEP ON VIEWING YOU PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I’m guessing if you read the title you are probably wondering, what in the heck is NaNoWriMo. Well it stands for National Novemember Write a novel Month, and guess who’s gonna be involved?! ME!!! I am going to write a novel in November. The competition starts November 1st at midnight and ends November 30th at midnight. If I type up a full 50,000 words (you got that 50,000 words) then I will have finished for the deadline and I will be awesome!!  I am going to do this I AM GOING TO WRITE A NOVEL. . . On other means I am going to write enough posts and date them back to the times when I didn’t post just so they’ll be there. So there will be a lot of new stuff to read!!! Be ready to go back in time!!!! I better get to work and if any of you out there are interested in being a part of NaNoWriMo just go to their website !!! Have a good day everyone.

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