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Just One Of Those Numbers.

On the news i hear more and more everyday about job cuts and budget cuts. Schools cutting funding. Large numbers of people getting laid off because we just don’t have the money any more. This is especially troublesome in AZ, where i am from. All i every here about is the cost of it. The budget cuts, and changes, lots and lots of changes that are going to have to take place in order to account for the budget cuts. And like i said, i forever hear more and more on the news about job cuts. And it makes me wonder, what those people are feeling. The ones that were told, we just don’t have the money to pay you any more so i’m afraid you will have to leave. The chain of lost jobs seems to be never ending. And i’m sure that is not helping anything.

Well tonight a friend opened my mind up to something. He may of seemed a bit depressed about it but i’m sure he’ll pull through. Who knows, maybe his anger will change the world, we sure need it right now. There are so many things that we do that hurt the world around us, OUR WORLD!! All we do is hurt it and the people living on it. A large number of people are in poverty and so many people die everyday for various reasons that really aren’t necessary. Why are we doing this to ourselves and our planet??? I guess i may never know. All i can hope is that maybe one day, i’ll be able to tell the world what is on my mind (basically what i’m doing now) but when i do tell them. Everyone will be listening. Maybe someday, i’ll gain the ability to change the world. To drag all of those people (well not drag, but politely pull) out of poverty. Pull this country out of debt. Give all the unemployed jobs. Solve world hunger. Obtain world peace!!! Anything is possible. But i can’t do it alone. I’ll need your help. All of you. All of you out there! I need your help to change the world. I know we can do it.

WE need to take more advantage of alternate energy sources (wind, sun, etc.)

WE need to start not just looking at ourselves, but the people lower down then us.

WE need to try and pull ourselves out of this rut that we’re in.

WE need to start working together to save lives.

The key word is WE.

And I’LL do whatever it takes.

What about YOU?

Just think about that.

Goodnight everyone.

I’ve put in my two cents.

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Touch-Down Turnaround I Never See You Around!!!

Well today has been, interesting, and i was proven about how fast things grapevine in a small school.  I’ve heard about it happening but have never experienced it for myself until today. But oh well i’ll move on and not let it bug me. It wasn’t done on purpose and i understand that. So no harm done.

On other topics. We took acadec pictures today and i think they turned out pretty well 🙂 I’ll always remember this year. It was a fun year and i was surrounded by fun people who make me happy. I have a lot of friends. Sure they may not all be my BEST friend but they are my friends and i’m greatful of that. I’m happy when i’m around them and that’s all that matters.

There are a lot of budget cuts going on in my community and it makes me wonder. Does money really matter all that  much?  Why does our community along with so many other small communites make themselves revolve so much around money? I’m still not sure about the answer myself. My life a lot of the time seems to even revolve around money, but i try to not let it bug me. Because truth is. I don’t think that money is everything. Sure in this day and age we all may be under the impression it is. But it really isn’t. Just being with family and friends and people that just all around make you happy; that is what really matters.  The people that try and hurt you, you shouldn’t let that totally ruin your life. If they want to hurt you well then let them want to hurt you. You just have to not let it run your life!! I know that there are people out there that want to see me hurt. But i’m not letting it run my life, i’m not even letting it effect my life at all in any way. I just ignore them. They don’t deserve my suffering. And i’m happy.

So now for your nightly thing to think about.

Do you know of any people that are purpousfully trying to see you hurt?

What do you do about this?

Do you totally overreact or do you just ignore them like me?

What do you do?

All i ask is that you live your life the way YOU want to without anyone effecting it.

After all it is your life.

Think about that 😉

Night everyone.

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