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Congradulations Mogollon Highschool Class of 2010

Class of 2010

By Lindsey Townsend

Tears fill my eyes at the simple thought

Classmates and friends who you’ll miss the chance with whom to talk

People fill the room and names are called after they walk 

The walk alternating in pairs across the gym floor

Dressed in red or in black our proud mustang colors

A valedictorian gives their last speech

Thanking their classmates the staff and all those who teach

Time had flown by for them for the past 4 years

Me I had just met them this very year

And time I had not enough when it came to with them spending

But I know all though they will leave our friendship is not ending

Graduates feel many emotions when hearing their name called

Sad some they feel when they receive their diploma

While others feel cheer

A shake of the hand and then things start all over

Everyone claps and cheers for their kid

And then they go back and carefully sit

With the next person and then the next after that

Buttons clicked on cameras and flash after flash

Till every graduate is sitting in their seats under their hats

Tassles get moved from the left to the right

Some I’m sure by now feel quite a fright

The world now it is waiting for them

New jobs new towns even new friends

Tears are shed hugs are given pictures taken for memories

But right now all that I can see

Are my friends everyone one all saying farewell

To classmates and team-mates and everyone else

Scholarships are given because they know where they’re going

Still time does not seem to be slowing

They stand up and orderly walk back down the floor

And all together they gather once more

In a circle dancing to the music that’s played

Being close to each other loving this day

Then on the count of three mustangs is shouted hats are thrown

A kodak moment is spread across the floor

Everyones smiling at last once more

Graduations over if you believe it or not

For all of them this is their start

At their life and their future and all that they do

All you can say is oh yes I’ll miss you too

You hug them all not wanting to let go not wanting to leave

Working through the crowd of people just to see

Your friend your team-mate your family even maybe

And before you know it the crowd seems to thin

Most of the people are leaving or left

All that is left is a small select set

Cameras still out they scramble to take

Pictures and pictures to remember this date

They’ll never forget it and that is a fact

I’ll never forget it though it’s not my class

My class has a short two more years

Then it’ll be me sitting in those chairs

But it isn’t my turn quite yet

For now you try to hold back tears as you tell them goodbye

For some it’s all they can do to not cry

But now they’re all free to wonder about

This country this world and without a doubt

They will go where they want become what they dreamed

And i know that i believe in them because of everything I’ve seen

This class they are great

All i have left to say is

Goodluck all my friends and team-mates you all

I’m sure you’ll succeed in all that you do

Congratulations class of 2010

Your life has only just started to begin

You have places to go and new people to see

Always remember to be who you want to be

I’ll miss you all oh so greatly

Good Luck

Sincerely Lindsey

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A Cirlce’s Round, But Mine Has An End.

Today has been good i guess. I was with family all day, which always feels good. You don’t realized how much you miss someone until you see them again. And you really don’t really realize how much you miss someone until they’re gone. Yes i have had better days, then today has been for me. But today will do. I re-discovered a part of me that i forgot was there. And i’m hoping to keep the mentality that i have had all day. I need to; it’ll help a lot.

On other topics.

So recently (last night)  i lost the guy that i thought was my best friend. I told him everything at one point. But then our friendship went bad.  He isn’t the same person i once knew and cared about.  So i told him that i wasn’t going to talk to him anymore, and once i told him how i felt, i said bye, never to turn around again. I deleted him. Sure friends can be added again, but he will never obtain that same place in my heart that he once had. You can’t treat me like that and expect to get that place back. He used to value OUR friendship, but he’s changed. And he’s not the boy i once knew.  So goodbye truly is the best solution. As of right now, i don’t even miss him. Not after the way he treated me last night. Goodbye to him. Let him take his anger out on someone else. Maybe he’ll figure out that you can’t stay mad at the world  forever, and that when you mistreat friends, they leave you standing there in the shadows.

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