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A Cirlce’s Round, But Mine Has An End.

Today has been good i guess. I was with family all day, which always feels good. You don’t realized how much you miss someone until you see them again. And you really don’t really realize how much you miss someone until they’re gone. Yes i have had better days, then today has been for me. But today will do. I re-discovered a part of me that i forgot was there. And i’m hoping to keep the mentality that i have had all day. I need to; it’ll help a lot.

On other topics.

So recently (last night)  i lost the guy that i thought was my best friend. I told him everything at one point. But then our friendship went bad.  He isn’t the same person i once knew and cared about.  So i told him that i wasn’t going to talk to him anymore, and once i told him how i felt, i said bye, never to turn around again. I deleted him. Sure friends can be added again, but he will never obtain that same place in my heart that he once had. You can’t treat me like that and expect to get that place back. He used to value OUR friendship, but he’s changed. And he’s not the boy i once knew.  So goodbye truly is the best solution. As of right now, i don’t even miss him. Not after the way he treated me last night. Goodbye to him. Let him take his anger out on someone else. Maybe he’ll figure out that you can’t stay mad at the world  forever, and that when you mistreat friends, they leave you standing there in the shadows.

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Touch-Down Turnaround I Never See You Around!!!

Well today has been, interesting, and i was proven about how fast things grapevine in a small school.  I’ve heard about it happening but have never experienced it for myself until today. But oh well i’ll move on and not let it bug me. It wasn’t done on purpose and i understand that. So no harm done.

On other topics. We took acadec pictures today and i think they turned out pretty well 🙂 I’ll always remember this year. It was a fun year and i was surrounded by fun people who make me happy. I have a lot of friends. Sure they may not all be my BEST friend but they are my friends and i’m greatful of that. I’m happy when i’m around them and that’s all that matters.

There are a lot of budget cuts going on in my community and it makes me wonder. Does money really matter all that  much?  Why does our community along with so many other small communites make themselves revolve so much around money? I’m still not sure about the answer myself. My life a lot of the time seems to even revolve around money, but i try to not let it bug me. Because truth is. I don’t think that money is everything. Sure in this day and age we all may be under the impression it is. But it really isn’t. Just being with family and friends and people that just all around make you happy; that is what really matters.  The people that try and hurt you, you shouldn’t let that totally ruin your life. If they want to hurt you well then let them want to hurt you. You just have to not let it run your life!! I know that there are people out there that want to see me hurt. But i’m not letting it run my life, i’m not even letting it effect my life at all in any way. I just ignore them. They don’t deserve my suffering. And i’m happy.

So now for your nightly thing to think about.

Do you know of any people that are purpousfully trying to see you hurt?

What do you do about this?

Do you totally overreact or do you just ignore them like me?

What do you do?

All i ask is that you live your life the way YOU want to without anyone effecting it.

After all it is your life.

Think about that 😉

Night everyone.

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