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Lots Of Views Appearing Overnight!!

Wow so last night when i went to bed i had 802 views and now i have 830???? That is SOOOO cool!!!!!!! So lately my mom has been trying to get me to take ”walks” more often. I guess it’s not really a bad thing. In fact it’s pretty good for you. So yesterday when my mom was waiting for her friends to get to their meeting place to start their walk i set out ahead of them to see if they could catch up to me.

They didn’t catch up to me. They turned around at the one and a half mile mark. I didn’t. So i took an hour long walk yesterday, by myself. It was good for me though. I did a lot of thinking. And sure now my legs and feet may be killing me but it feels good at the same time. Sure maybe i shouldn’t of walked as far as i did yesterday but now i know what it feels like.

Yesterday i walked five miles. Two and a half there and two and a half back. Next time i don’t plan to go that far, partially because i don’t feel like being that worn out the next day. And partially because i think it’s pushing myself too far for right now.

Walking feels good and i’m going to keep doing it. Just at smaller intervals. It’ll be my first step to making myself healthier. So wish me luck 🙂

So i have a few questions for you.

Are you unhealthy??

What steps are you going to take to start making yourself healthier??

Are you already taking steps to becoming healthier??

If you aren’t, then i dare you to start.


And if not then start tomorrow.

But no later.

I dare you to do this.

And i’ll join you on this adventure we call life 😉

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Homecoming Week!!!!!!

Well this week is homecoming week. I just got back from our pep rally/assembly/bonfire. We crowned our royalty in the gym and then went outside for the bonfire, which was AWESOME!!!! Really I didn’t do much. Just walked around and talked and drank hot chocolate but it was fun and I like homecoming week.  It’s always fun and we always get to dress up crazy to school during the week. I am really looking forward to the football game tomorrow against Ashfork. We are going to beat them SOOO bad. Tomorrow night will be a victory and it’ll be awesome. Last years homecoming game was pretty awesome and if I remember right we won!!!! And we are going to win again this year!!!! WOHOOOOO GO MUSTANGS!!!!!!!!!! I’ve noticed a lot of our students do NOT have a lot of school spirit but I know I do!! So I am going to post part of our fight song!!!!!!

We’re proud of our school a dream come true and we’ll do our best to be loyal to you, wearing red black and silver with heartfelt pride!! We’re the mustangs of Mogollon High. View Image

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D-Back’s Game and Montgomery Gentry

Well yesterday I took a trip to the valley with Big Brothers Big Sisters to go see a Diamond Back’s game. We went down there on a hot, crowded, noisy bus. Besides the bus ride up there the whole day was great! We won the game Diamond backs with like 16 points (I’m not sure on the exact number) and Astro’s with a total of zero. Yeah you heard that zero. After the game (and a whole ton of junk food) we went down to the first leval of Chase Stadium and watched the first 15 minutes of the Montgomery Gentry concert while we were waiting for everyone to get back in the group. All I have to say is that THEY WERE AWESOME!! Sure I only got to see 15 minutes of it but it’s better than nothing. That is the closest I’ve ever been to a famous person in my life. Well famous people that is. Then we had to leave (so totally sad-making no doubt) and when we got outside Montgomery Gentry’s bus and two semi’s were outside (of course I took pictures being the dork I am). All in all yesterday was a good day, I got to see the game, got to see a concert, and also got a free Gonzo t-shirt (he made a surprise apperance last night, no one knew he was gonna be there [well none of the fans did that is]). Well yesterday was great and today is just starting. I’ll post again soon. But until then au revoir.

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