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Congradulations Mogollon Highschool Class of 2010

Class of 2010

By Lindsey Townsend

Tears fill my eyes at the simple thought

Classmates and friends who you’ll miss the chance with whom to talk

People fill the room and names are called after they walk 

The walk alternating in pairs across the gym floor

Dressed in red or in black our proud mustang colors

A valedictorian gives their last speech

Thanking their classmates the staff and all those who teach

Time had flown by for them for the past 4 years

Me I had just met them this very year

And time I had not enough when it came to with them spending

But I know all though they will leave our friendship is not ending

Graduates feel many emotions when hearing their name called

Sad some they feel when they receive their diploma

While others feel cheer

A shake of the hand and then things start all over

Everyone claps and cheers for their kid

And then they go back and carefully sit

With the next person and then the next after that

Buttons clicked on cameras and flash after flash

Till every graduate is sitting in their seats under their hats

Tassles get moved from the left to the right

Some I’m sure by now feel quite a fright

The world now it is waiting for them

New jobs new towns even new friends

Tears are shed hugs are given pictures taken for memories

But right now all that I can see

Are my friends everyone one all saying farewell

To classmates and team-mates and everyone else

Scholarships are given because they know where they’re going

Still time does not seem to be slowing

They stand up and orderly walk back down the floor

And all together they gather once more

In a circle dancing to the music that’s played

Being close to each other loving this day

Then on the count of three mustangs is shouted hats are thrown

A kodak moment is spread across the floor

Everyones smiling at last once more

Graduations over if you believe it or not

For all of them this is their start

At their life and their future and all that they do

All you can say is oh yes I’ll miss you too

You hug them all not wanting to let go not wanting to leave

Working through the crowd of people just to see

Your friend your team-mate your family even maybe

And before you know it the crowd seems to thin

Most of the people are leaving or left

All that is left is a small select set

Cameras still out they scramble to take

Pictures and pictures to remember this date

They’ll never forget it and that is a fact

I’ll never forget it though it’s not my class

My class has a short two more years

Then it’ll be me sitting in those chairs

But it isn’t my turn quite yet

For now you try to hold back tears as you tell them goodbye

For some it’s all they can do to not cry

But now they’re all free to wonder about

This country this world and without a doubt

They will go where they want become what they dreamed

And i know that i believe in them because of everything I’ve seen

This class they are great

All i have left to say is

Goodluck all my friends and team-mates you all

I’m sure you’ll succeed in all that you do

Congratulations class of 2010

Your life has only just started to begin

You have places to go and new people to see

Always remember to be who you want to be

I’ll miss you all oh so greatly

Good Luck

Sincerely Lindsey

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Only Got 86 400 Seconds In A Day!

Well my point in the title of this blog is that it is important to live each day to the fullest.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.

I believe that that is very true. If you are not enthusiastic about something it will not necessarily be finished.

And me running for student council.

That is going to have to take enthusiasm.

So i better find some (if you know a place please tell me because i’m not sure how this is going to work out!)

I really want to run, and i really want to win, but i’m not good talking in front of people. So i guess i just have to take it as it comes. And if i win i will have to talk so i don’t really have any other choice.

So if you are on here and you go to my school, on wednesday i would much appreciate ur vote for me as junior class of 2012 representative!

Have a good night everybody.

Don’t let ur iPod die on you because then you’d be like me and be bored.



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:) Oh What A Day!

Well today has been pretty awesome. . Didn’t get to see much of the beautiful blue sky but oh well. There is always tomorrow.  Symphony went great, Ms. Bailey wasn’t here but it was still fun. I allowed myself to relax and behold my back is not nearly as sore. Relaxing helps so much, and it also improves my playing and/or vibrato by 10 million times! So yeah.

It was a beautiful day today. It was fairly warm and the wind wasn’t blowing 400 miles an hour, and i didn’t get frustrated with anyone at school.  And i got to see the sky for a few minutes in between classes, which i haven’t been able to do until today for fear of blowing away in the wind.

I got new shoes.

They’re pink, i was going to get blue ones, but pink is a girl color you know!

They’re really comfy and a lot better then the shoes i had before.

So it’s like 11 pm and i really should be asleep but i just got home like 45 min ago so i’m not even very tired yet. Just wait 10 min and i’ll bout be falling asleep at the computer (lol no i wont cause i’ll be in bed in like 2).

So really that’s all i have to say for today.

Today was good, and i hope your day was good today as well!!!!

I loved today, it was odd but i still loved it.

And i definatly ate my share of little caesars pizza for a month, goodness.

So have a good day today, um er i meant tomorrow i guess. Yeah have a good day tomorrow! It is friday you know! So i hope all of you have a very enjoyable day in every way! While i write poetry and try not to annoy everybody too awful bad!

Thanks all of you, for reading.


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Tell Me Why.

Well things are starting to make sense to me again today. Haha and most of it is because of the lovely Taylor Swift. I love her music. And it’s just making everything make sense for me today 😉 Thanks Taylor.

So this morning i ordered my new viola!!!! I can’t wait to get it. (It’s actually going to be a pre-owned one in as-new condition but i don’t care) It’s going to be amazing. I ordered it from . They have really friendly service and are just a great company and depending on how this viola sounds (i’m sure it will be awesome) i’ll suggest it to even more people then i am right now (honestly not many people read this blog a day; only about 6 or 7 on a daily basis).  Who knows when i get it i might even post pictures 🙂

Speaking of pictures.  They posted pictures from our Music Is… concert in the White Mountain Independent yesterday. Well i guess i can’t say pictures because it was only one picture. I’m just glad to see that the symphony is on the front page 🙂

This is Maestro Theresa Bailey, the conducter of the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra.  I have such a good time in symphony that i’m not even almost dissapointed that they did not put a picture of the rest of the symphony in the paper. Just the fact that i’m in such a recognizable group up here in these lovely white mountains is just amazing to me. Like i said in a previous post. I love the feeling of being involved in something bigger than myself.  🙂  And the fact that it is one of these Music Is… concerts that inspired me to be a musician in the first place makes it even more worth it. Maybe i can do what the symphony did to me when i was younger to some other little kid. Inspire them to play music. Lead them into something that can be so much bigger then themselves. Music is such a great thing!!! I really don’t know what i would do without it. It heals wounds, it ties people together, it inspires people.   Or at least it has done all those things for me.

I want to write another book.

This time a more, contemporary, young adult novel. I think i’ll start writing it soon too. I miss writing and there is no way i can wait till NaNoWriMo in November to start writing again.  I’ll start tonight 🙂

Maybe i’ll be famous for this novel.

The first one sure didn’t get my very far.

But this one.

I think i have a chance with this one. I have this idea in my head that could turn into something great. . Did i mention that i am going to hand write it so i don’t have to spend hours upon hours on the computer typing.  And then i can write my story wherever i want to. 😉 It’s a plan. I will do it. I promise you all. In fact i already have the first sentance written down.

Now for your thing to think about.

I have a theory.

Some of us are like ants.

Yes ants! The creepy little crawly bugs that are totally disgusting and seem to be everywhere during the summer time.

Some of us are like ants because, when we want to do something, if something or someone gets in our way, we don’t just give up and turn around. We keep moving forward. We find a way around our obstacle, and make it where we want to go because we really want to be there.

I’m telling you, some of us are like ants!!

But are you like an ant?

Do you have a good sense of indurance and determination?

So i now i have another theory. 

The people that are like ants are the people that know exactly where they want to go in life. What job they want to do. Where they want to be. How much money they want to have. Where they want to live. Whether or not they want kids. People that are like ants know all of those things. They know where they want to go so they try there hardest to try and get there. 

Not all of us know where we want to go in life.

But what about you?

Do you know where you want to go in life?

Are you like an ant?

Just think about that. Goodnight world.

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Cavities and Wisdom Teeth

Well first of all i went to the dentist earlier today and the news wasn’t all good. First off all, I’m going to have to get two of my wisdom teeth removed somewhere around my 18th birthday (how fun!!!) and second, I have four cavities. One of them has to be in my top left canine. How that happened i have no idea. But i have an appointment in a month to get them fixed. Yay cavities and wisdom teeth!!! (Cough cough, SARCASM).

So more on what i said last night.

I think that humans like music so much because it makes things make sense. Some songs have lyrics that may describe a situation that we as people are going through, and that in general, may just make our situations make sense!! Say you recently went through a big heartbreak, a breakup, something along the lines of that. And then you go and turn on your trust radio, only to hear a love song (or a non love song sometimes), and at first you’re like, “Oh a love song, that’s just what i need right now.” But then you start listening, listening to the lyrics, and you realize, “OH!!! That makes sense, that’s what i’m feeling.” Or sometimes even “That’s what i need to do!!!!”.

Music just makes things make sense!!!! If you disagree i’m sorry but i know that that’s the way it is in my personal case.

I’ve also noticed that my personal taste in music changes with my mood.

If i’m in a pensive mood i’ll listen to more, easier listening songs, with good sensible lyrics. While when i’m happy, i’m totally into the techno and alternative pop that is just up beat and fun. Then there’s times when i’m sad. During those times, i tend to listen to classical music or music that just in general has no words to it. When i’m sad i listen to a lot of Mozart and Jim Brickman. But then. When i am mad, it’s rock, and hard rock, and metal all the way (not really heavy metal but metal).

Music, helps us understand things!! That is something that i’m not going to back down on. I know personally that, without music, i would live a confused and stressed out life. Music is may way of expressing myself. That’s why i play so many different instruments.

Now for your daily thing to think about.

Have you ever made a total fool of yourself in front of someone you cared about?

Did they totally never forget it and never let you down?
Or where they now ashamed to be friends with you?

If they were ashamed, then they really weren’t your friend. True friends wouldn’t care how much you looked like a fool.

A wise person once said and was completely correct:

“When friendships are real, they are not glass threads or frost work, but the solidest things we can know.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Symphony Tonight

Well symphony practice tonight was awesome. I am so excited for the concert on December 11th and 12th. It’s going to be great!! If anyone wants to come just comment on here and I will send you info on getting tickets. The White Mountain Symphony Orchestra is just amazing this year, and this concert is going to be great! If you want to come though you need to get your tickets a.s.a.p. because it’s reserved seating this time so if you want your seats together with your family you have to get you seats soon.  Ahhhhh I’m so excited this is going to be great! Well on other news I did a very kind dead after symphony practice tonight. So the story goes like this. We are standing in the lobby of NPC waiting for our ride to get there when this girl in a wheel chair asks me if I could help her with by putting her wheel chair in the back of her truck after she gets in. I of course said yes (how can you say no and why would you say no in the first place) and walked out to her truck with her, while she is excitingly talking about the symphony and how she can’t wait for the Christmas concert. Then she gets in the truck and I put her wheel chair in the back of her truck just like she asked, and we tell each other to have a good night. She was the friendliest lady I believe I have ever had the opportunity to meet, and I will gladly say I am proud of myself for helping her. It made me feel good inside. Then it made me think. If everyday we helped someone who needed help (holding the door out for someone doesn’t count for we should do that anyways) then all of us would all around be happier people. If someone drops some papers in the hallway by all means help them pick them up. It’s not that hard and after you do it, trust me you’ll feel good about it. Helping people is an amazing feeling and you can not replicate it. . . Well on other hands I need to re-string my viola the strings are worn out and need to be replaced. I get to start writing my novel in like OMW (oh my word) 2 days or something like that.  So really really really soon. After I start that I might not be able to post much but I will try. It is super cold outside right now. Like seriously 24 degrees. Crazy it isn’t even Halloween yet.  Well may all of the people out there that are sick get well soon, and my everybody have a good Friday tomorrow!!!!!!! Au revoir and remember, HELP SOMEONE!!!

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Homecoming Week!!!!!!

Well this week is homecoming week. I just got back from our pep rally/assembly/bonfire. We crowned our royalty in the gym and then went outside for the bonfire, which was AWESOME!!!! Really I didn’t do much. Just walked around and talked and drank hot chocolate but it was fun and I like homecoming week.  It’s always fun and we always get to dress up crazy to school during the week. I am really looking forward to the football game tomorrow against Ashfork. We are going to beat them SOOO bad. Tomorrow night will be a victory and it’ll be awesome. Last years homecoming game was pretty awesome and if I remember right we won!!!! And we are going to win again this year!!!! WOHOOOOO GO MUSTANGS!!!!!!!!!! I’ve noticed a lot of our students do NOT have a lot of school spirit but I know I do!! So I am going to post part of our fight song!!!!!!

We’re proud of our school a dream come true and we’ll do our best to be loyal to you, wearing red black and silver with heartfelt pride!! We’re the mustangs of Mogollon High. View Image

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