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So today has been pretty good. Finished cleaning my disaster of a room. Got some good practice in on the viola.  Now i’m just watching the moths all swarming on the outside of the window trying to get in. That and listening to my best friend Emily’s AWESOME song! I just love it.

The link to the vid on youtube is!

I can’t help but listen to it over and over again. 🙂 It may only have 2 views on youtube right now but that doesn’t make it any less AMAZING! I don’t have much else to say except that I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE WMSO CONCERT SATURDAY!!!!! IT’S GOING TO BE SO FUN!!!!!!!! And i’ve sold almost all of my tickets that i was given to sell! 😉 Which in itself is totally fascinating.  I’ve sold about 65$ worth of tickets as of right now. Which is very cool.

So i found my old book of poetry i wrote in my, um not so happy phase, and oh my goodness most of them are so depressing. But i will keep them. Something to look back on, and there’s 78 of them. No way i’m going to through them out.

It’s amazing what you find when you actually clean your room!

And then there’s the fact that i’m greatly anticipating breakfast tomorrow morning, because i’m making homemade waffles and strawberry syrup. Yum should be super good. 😉 Can’t wait.

Well i’m getting rather tired, so i think i’ll go read a book and get ready for bed. So have a good night everyone!! And go eat a Symphony Bar. They fix everything. 😉 Lol. Good ole white mountain symphony jokes. 🙂



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11 Is My Lucky Number.

So 11 right. You may be asking yourselves. Why 11? Well your questions will soon be answered. 11 is the number of WMSO concerts I’ve been in so far! And they have all been great! I love playing in the WMSO. I think it’s a great experience to have at my age. I’m 16, i’m still in high school, and i’m in a symphony orchestra. I just think that’s awesome! Maybe you don’t find it quite as awesome as i do, but still.  🙂 Doesn’t matter.

I hate allergies. They are bugging me so bad right now that i want to go crazy! I just hate allergies, they flat out suck. But oh well, life will go on i am sure.

I am in the process of RE editing my book, and i’m almost done!!! 😉 Should be pretty cool when it’s finished!! 🙂

So yeah pretty much i love my life, and hate the wind.

Love music, and hate allergies.

Love writing, and hate editing.

Love school, and am annoyed with most of the people in it.

Love blogging, and hate how my views per day for the past week has dropped to zero!!


So i better get back to editing my book. Like i said, i’m almost done. 😉

Thank you all for reading my blog.


Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!! 🙂


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It’s You And Me.

Yeah i know i haven’t written a good post lately. So i apologize. I’ve just been busy i guess. I’ve been having a good time though. Spending time with my friends at school, having fun in acadec. Loving life and music.

I sat first chair in symphony rehearsal last night and it was terrifying. I knew my music it’s just the fact that i got lost so missed my solo (which i also knew very well) and it made me sound like i hadn’t practiced my music ever. So yeah. But oh well. I still enjoy practice. I’ll just try even harder next week.  And be sure and practice a ton between now and then.

It is so freezing outside. I can’t see the beautiful blue sky. But it’ll all be okay. Today at school was really good. Like really really good. I gave my student council election speech ( i really hope i win ) and talked to some people that i really enjoy being around, and had fun in acadec. And finished the Grapes of Wrath (which is a very good book in my opinion, there is a lot of hidden symbolism, it’s intriguing. ) I’m just patiently waiting for them to post the outlines for the acadec curriculum next year so i know what songs they picked. I have a general idea which ones they’ll pick but i want to know for sure. So i’m waiting for that, like i said patiently.

I lost my iPod cord and it’s rather frustrating. I  need that cord, but oh well i guess i’ll find it in time.

I have my iPod on shuffle and am listening to every song on it gradually. Right now it’s on You And Me by Lifehouse. And before that it was on I Have Been Blessed by Martina McBride. Both amazing songs by amazing artists.

So yeah. I don’t have much more to say except that school is really going great and i’m really finding myself not being nearly as shy as i used to be, so that is just awesome! I don’t wan’t the school year to end. I don’t want to have to miss everyone that i go to school with every day! But oh well. It’s what, two or three months and then schools back in or something. Idk. I’ll live. Lol.

So yeah. I love my life.

I hope you love yours. 😉

Have a good night everyone.

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:) Oh What A Day!

Well today has been pretty awesome. . Didn’t get to see much of the beautiful blue sky but oh well. There is always tomorrow.  Symphony went great, Ms. Bailey wasn’t here but it was still fun. I allowed myself to relax and behold my back is not nearly as sore. Relaxing helps so much, and it also improves my playing and/or vibrato by 10 million times! So yeah.

It was a beautiful day today. It was fairly warm and the wind wasn’t blowing 400 miles an hour, and i didn’t get frustrated with anyone at school.  And i got to see the sky for a few minutes in between classes, which i haven’t been able to do until today for fear of blowing away in the wind.

I got new shoes.

They’re pink, i was going to get blue ones, but pink is a girl color you know!

They’re really comfy and a lot better then the shoes i had before.

So it’s like 11 pm and i really should be asleep but i just got home like 45 min ago so i’m not even very tired yet. Just wait 10 min and i’ll bout be falling asleep at the computer (lol no i wont cause i’ll be in bed in like 2).

So really that’s all i have to say for today.

Today was good, and i hope your day was good today as well!!!!

I loved today, it was odd but i still loved it.

And i definatly ate my share of little caesars pizza for a month, goodness.

So have a good day today, um er i meant tomorrow i guess. Yeah have a good day tomorrow! It is friday you know! So i hope all of you have a very enjoyable day in every way! While i write poetry and try not to annoy everybody too awful bad!

Thanks all of you, for reading.


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So last night symphony was amazing. I had so much fun. I just love being there it just makes my whole day worth it. And i got to sit first chair again :). That is always so fun, and on top of that we got new music!!! I love getting new music it’s so much fun to play something absolutely new to me. WE HAVE FOUR VIOLAS NOW!!!!! 🙂 IT’S AMAZING. I’M SO GLAD TO HAVE MY BEST FRIEND BACK IN THE VIOLA SECTION WITH ME!!!! And Ms Bailey was definatly happy to have her back as well!!! 😉 Yes i know what i’ve been saying so far is super happy, but i have to say what i am going to say next.

The symphony is in a real bad possition, we don’t have much money and we are in a real tight spot. We truthfully don’t have barely any money in the bank. Just like everywhere else in the state, we are in trouble. So please, i’m trying to get the word about the symphony out there as much as i can. I am even adding a new page to my blog purely about the symphony, and how to give donations and buy tickets. Please everyone we need all the help we can get.  If  you want more information about the symphony and how to donate and/or buy tickets just visit the symphony page on my blog, and i’ll have all of the information you need there. But if you have more questions just email me at Any of your ideas and help will be appreciated.

And after that grim paragraph i feel subjected to cheer you up a bit!!

I’m sure in your life you have heard at least one viola joke. You know the mean ones that aren’t even that funny, mostly saying that violas are never in tune and aren’t good for anything.

I have read plenty of them in my time.

And right now is THE TIME WHEN I COULD GET REVENGE AND POST SOME REALLY GOOD VIOLIN JOKES!!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut i’m not that mean, and i know some really great people that play the violin.

And blonde jokes.
Nawwwwww those aren’t for me.

All in all.

I’m not a joke telling person!!!!!!!!

But i guess you got to c sharp or you’ll b flat. 🙂
(All the people laugh and you hear the drum set do there thing)

Have a good afternoon everyone 😉

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Tell Me Why.

Well things are starting to make sense to me again today. Haha and most of it is because of the lovely Taylor Swift. I love her music. And it’s just making everything make sense for me today 😉 Thanks Taylor.

So this morning i ordered my new viola!!!! I can’t wait to get it. (It’s actually going to be a pre-owned one in as-new condition but i don’t care) It’s going to be amazing. I ordered it from . They have really friendly service and are just a great company and depending on how this viola sounds (i’m sure it will be awesome) i’ll suggest it to even more people then i am right now (honestly not many people read this blog a day; only about 6 or 7 on a daily basis).  Who knows when i get it i might even post pictures 🙂

Speaking of pictures.  They posted pictures from our Music Is… concert in the White Mountain Independent yesterday. Well i guess i can’t say pictures because it was only one picture. I’m just glad to see that the symphony is on the front page 🙂

This is Maestro Theresa Bailey, the conducter of the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra.  I have such a good time in symphony that i’m not even almost dissapointed that they did not put a picture of the rest of the symphony in the paper. Just the fact that i’m in such a recognizable group up here in these lovely white mountains is just amazing to me. Like i said in a previous post. I love the feeling of being involved in something bigger than myself.  🙂  And the fact that it is one of these Music Is… concerts that inspired me to be a musician in the first place makes it even more worth it. Maybe i can do what the symphony did to me when i was younger to some other little kid. Inspire them to play music. Lead them into something that can be so much bigger then themselves. Music is such a great thing!!! I really don’t know what i would do without it. It heals wounds, it ties people together, it inspires people.   Or at least it has done all those things for me.

I want to write another book.

This time a more, contemporary, young adult novel. I think i’ll start writing it soon too. I miss writing and there is no way i can wait till NaNoWriMo in November to start writing again.  I’ll start tonight 🙂

Maybe i’ll be famous for this novel.

The first one sure didn’t get my very far.

But this one.

I think i have a chance with this one. I have this idea in my head that could turn into something great. . Did i mention that i am going to hand write it so i don’t have to spend hours upon hours on the computer typing.  And then i can write my story wherever i want to. 😉 It’s a plan. I will do it. I promise you all. In fact i already have the first sentance written down.

Now for your thing to think about.

I have a theory.

Some of us are like ants.

Yes ants! The creepy little crawly bugs that are totally disgusting and seem to be everywhere during the summer time.

Some of us are like ants because, when we want to do something, if something or someone gets in our way, we don’t just give up and turn around. We keep moving forward. We find a way around our obstacle, and make it where we want to go because we really want to be there.

I’m telling you, some of us are like ants!!

But are you like an ant?

Do you have a good sense of indurance and determination?

So i now i have another theory. 

The people that are like ants are the people that know exactly where they want to go in life. What job they want to do. Where they want to be. How much money they want to have. Where they want to live. Whether or not they want kids. People that are like ants know all of those things. They know where they want to go so they try there hardest to try and get there. 

Not all of us know where we want to go in life.

But what about you?

Do you know where you want to go in life?

Are you like an ant?

Just think about that. Goodnight world.

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I Think I’m Fallin For You.

🙂 So today has been excellent and frustrating at the same time. I love being around the people i am around all day. They make me smile and they just make my day. Just being around them in general makes me happy.  I just love being around them. I have never smiled so much in my life. I actually feel like i belong.  And trust me it is a good feeling.

On other topics.

So i went off on a random tangent and deleted most of the popular music off of my iPod and put all of my favorite classical music on it, and now i wish i wouldn’t of done that. So i’ll probably put it back on there after i’m done here 🙂 Goodness why did i do that?! Oh well. I’ll leave the classical stuff on there cause i love classical music,  but i will try and put most of my contemporary music back on there cause i really miss it ;). Oh well music is music. And i love all of it.

I can’t wait till symphony practice thursday because we get our new music :)!!!!!!! And this concert is going to be a lot easier then the last concert. This will be our local composers concert. I hope that sometime in either the near or distant future that i will write a piece for symphony orchestra and that the symphony would play it. That would just be amazing!!! 🙂

Here is a pic of the symphony at our concert on March 6th. It was an amazing concert. No i am not in this picture. They always seem to leave me out ;). Oh well. Tomorrow the White Mountain Independent will hopefully be posting pictures from our Music Is… concert so i’ll try and put them up once i find them :).

Have a good nigth everybody.

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