My Books :)

Chasing Viola

Alana is essentially the most popular girl in school. She goes through life every day at the very tippy top of the food chain, scaring the various nerds and geeks that may cross her path, and developing a crush on the new kid. Little does she know it’s all about to very tragically change. In the midst of disaster will her ability to make good choices change? And will she give up her music, the very thing that means the most to her? When her love life starts to flourish will she find out what true happiness is or will she be once again faced with heartbreak? Alana will find out that true friendship, wrapped up in a big batch of cookie dough, and bound with a new-found liking of Harry Potter can and will fix anything you allow it to.

The Woods of Segesse

Things get complicated real fast for Emeelia, who is only 15. Her family is crying, her sister is missing, and on top of that her mom isn’t even trying to find her! There isn’t much hope in the Shield family, so when Emeelia is left at home alone and a stranger knocks on the door she’s off into the forest because she doesn’t know what to do. When she runs she has absolutely no idea how crazy that forest is about to make her life. It doesn’t take her long to get into that massive forest called Segesse, and things don’t seem so bad at first. But things don’t stay good for long. She starts seeing strange creatures. Things she didn’t know existed. Was being so alone getting to her head? Why is she talking to a bird? And what in the world is a Gidjit?


One response to “My Books :)

  1. Ylime

    September 19, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    The blog’s new look is hott and so is the picture of your book.


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