Day 6 of Picture Challenge and Some Short Fiction

10 Mar

If i could trade places with anyone for a day i’d trade places with Sarah Chang! She is an amazing violinist and i admire her so greatly. She is such an inspiration to me and is so talented! I hope to one day to be as talented as her, not that that will really happen. But a girl can dream can’t she 🙂

Well here’s my fiction 🙂


“Mom? I have a question. What is a tree?” I, a curious little girl at the time, asked my busy mother while holding a worn paper back in my still little hands.

“A tree? A tree? Where did you hear that word Regina? Trees have been forbidden since far before you were even thought of! I don’t want to hear you say that word ever again. Okay do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand.” I say it but the words mean nothing. I don’t understand. I don’t want to understand. Why were they forbidden? Why aren’t there any left anywhere anymore?

“Where did you hear that word anyways sweetie?”

“I read it in a book that is about…” I got cut off before i could say anything else.

“A book! Where in the world did you find a book! Those are against the law Regina you are in such trouble right now…” She keeps talking but being the trouble child I am, I’m not listening anymore. I walk up to my room like the robot that she wants me to be. The feeling of holding a story in your hands, she just doesn’t understand.

“Go to your room!” She yells down the hallway and I say as politely as I can, “Already am.” Like I said, she doesn’t understand.

There is so much that I don’t understand about life, about the world, about the past. I’ve felt alone a lot lately thinking about this. Ever since I found that book in my pillow the other day my once inactive mind has been going crazy with ideas. At one point in time there where trees and plants growing from the ground and we didn’t need to used the oxygen machines that we use now. The word today is cold and nothing grows. I often find myself wondering what it would be like to feel the wind in my hair and the green grass beneath my feet. No one in my generation has felt that, is it horrible that I want to?

In a world that is completely synthetic, and controlled how can we even have room to have emotions, or to follow our hearts? The world that Square has created is so controlled that we feel nothing. Without feeling it is impossible to write, and impossible to create music, but of course that is exactly what he wanted. A majority of young people my age, make that all young people besides myself, don’t even know what those two things are. Essentially we are perfect, we don’t forget anything, we don’t feel anything. Our feelings will never get in the way of our decisions, but is that such a good thing?

Our elders don’t even want us to know about this past world that once existed, where we could still see the stars and were free to write our feelings. Back when we could still read books and play music! I know that Captain Square is our leader and that I am supposed to respect him but he is exactly what his name is, square. What is this life that he decided he wanted us to live? Everything is synthetic, our buildings are made of metal, and the ground is no longer dirt but concrete. We have all become robots though we are all still made of flesh and bones. We see nothing but the metal walls that surround us, and we feel nothing but the knowledge that is intravenously injected into our bodies.

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