30 Day Challenge, Day One

05 Mar

So I know it’s a saturday and i don’t “technically” have to post but i want to. I am starting this thirty day challenge thing that everyones doing on facebook. Basically you post a picture every day for 30 days and each one has to be something specific, like day one, Post a picture of yourself with 10 facts about yourself. I”ll be doing the thirty day challenge along with posting my fiction and normal blog entries. (:

This, Is Me

1. I have a secret love for writing, I’m writing all the time. A lot of the time I write in class when i’m supposed to be paying attention but it’s my way of clearing my mind so that i CAN pay attention. If i don’t write then i can’t really focus and it’s not good. Haha.

2. More than anything i love to be outside and camping is like one of my most favorite things to do. I love to go to lake Roosevelt and go fishing and have fun. When you’re there you don’t pay attention to the fact that maybe you haven’t showered for several days and your clothes are maybe dirty. You’re outside the whole time and it just feels good. I love being on the lake fishing.

3. I am afraid of the dark, well not really the dark, more what’s in the dark. It really bugs me to go outside after the sun has gone down but yet i love to look at the stars. I’m getting better at not being scared but it’s something i’m still working on.

4. Raspberry tea is my weakness. I will do anything for raspberry tea.

5. I live to play in the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra. It gives me purpose and is by far the best thing i have ever done with my life. So for this past concert not being able to go to practice has totally been messing with me, and i really don’t like it and greatly anticipating the day when i’ll be able to go back. I’m really hoping to go to the concert tonight.

6. I have personal space issues, i can’t stand people in my space! Sure there are certain people that i don’t mind, no what am i kidding myself, i like my space.

7. I’ve attempted to go vegetarian something like 10 times, but not because i hate the thought of killing animals, it doesn’t bug me THAT much, it’s just vegetarian would be a healthier lifestyle for me in the situation i’m in now you know. A lot of the unhealthy things i like have to do with some sort of meat product.

8. I really don’t like the way i look at all. Not to a point where i’m a danger to myself but still. I have my days where i wish that i could just disappear. I’m overweight, as if that’s not obvious enough. I hate it, but i feel like i’m not capable of doing anything about it even though i can. It’s just to easy to go on living the way i have been living for the past few years. I can’t deal with change.

9. I like to sing but i’m always afraid to because i watch people on american idol and such that think they sound good but they’re really not. They really sound horrible but they can’t hear that. I think i sound okay but i’m always scared that i’m not hearing it right. Scared that i just think i sound good because i want to sound good.

10. Everyone says i’m SOOO good at piano but i never practice. I’ve never really practiced piano for more than like 8 hours in the past few years. So when people are like, oh my gosh you’re so good, i’m hesitant to say thanks. I don’t make myself good. I don’t practice. It’s just myself. I don’t really have to try.

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