And I Will Try, To Fix You.

03 Mar

I’ve realized that there is a lot of stuff that i don’t understand, Like the fact that our country is SUPER in debt but we continue to give away money left and right and spend it on things that we really don’t need. WE were talking about this in my US History and i was getting so frustrated. It just doesn’t make sense you know. My emotions have really been toying with me lately, i feel like i pay too much attention to certain things and that i just maybe allow myself to be to sensitive towards things. School has been going really good though, i’m keeping my grades up and been being happy and everything. Math still hasn’t been going very good.

We’re reading Frankenstein in English and i’m really loving it. I;m way ahead and will probably finish it this weekend. I love english, especially because we played Ultimate Frisbee this morning instead of doing anything productive. It was  a lot of fun, and i got a lot of excersize and though i froze my ears off i really had fun. Our team won 5 to 2 and i scored at least one of those points! Which is awesome. I didn’t know i was any good at Ultimate Frisbee but i really like it.

Well my head kind of hurts and i’m cutting it kind of close with posting this on time but i did it either way. Will post again on monday, and this makes a full week of me posting every day! An accomplishment if i say so myself. Thanks for reading.

-Reporter Lindsey, Signing Off. 😉

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