A Day Late and a Dollar Short (Day Late Fiction Story)

02 Mar

As i walk down the school hallways i can’t help but think of those that aren’t fortunate enough to b e able to go to school. Some people can’t even go to school and here i am complaining about being here. Summertime, i’m ready for summer time. When i can go and sleep beneath the yellow stars and smell the fresh cut green grass. Bike pedals beneath my feet, my heart pounding in my chest. Being an athlete is my thing, i live for the adrenaline. I live for making the blood pump hard through my veins and arteries.

I have no one to live for so why not live for myself. tell me, have you ever felt that? If i keep my heart strong maybe it will prevent it from breaking.

I’m sure you’re wondering why i feel this way? Well at one point i fell, fell flat on my face for a boy who was perfect in every way. He was nice and a gentleman and handsome, but i, just wasn’t his type. He cared not for me and no matter how he ignored me i still  kept falling. My heart continued to be crushed by my minds weight and i thought that my heart would no longer beat in my chest. I had to do something so i turned to extreme biking. It gives me the rush i live for. Tell me you don’t feel my pain?

I’m only my best person, sure i fall too fast, but what is a small town California girl supposed to do? I’ve never known any better. I’ve never been out of the state. Me, i’m just a 18 year old lonely female who doesn’t know what to do with boys. My name is Sophie.

And the story of me you will never know. For i, i am living but not still alive. My heart is beating but i don’t feel anything.

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