01 Mar

So excited:

2011–2012 Curricular Theme and Topics

We are excited to announce that the curricular theme for 2011–2012 will be The Age of Empire. Following is some general information on the topics in each of the subject of empire

  • SUPER QUIZ: The Super Quiz™ topic will be The Age of Imperialism: The Making of a European Global Order. TheSuper Quiz Resource Guide will include readings on such topics as mercantile empires, the Atlantic economy, motives for imperialism, the role of technology in the age of imperialism, New Imperialism, tactics of colonial rule, and decolonization and postcolonial immigration.
  • LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE: The language and literature curriculum will include critical reading, one novella, three poems, and two short stories. The featured novella will beHeart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
  • ART: The art curriculum will cover art fundamentals and will focus on art and imperial power.
  • MUSIC: The music curriculum will cover basic elements of music theory and will focus on music of the Romantic era.
  • SCIENCE: The science curriculum will present an introduction to physical science and will include discussions of significant scientific advances made during the nineteenth century.
  • ECONOMICS: The economics curriculum will cover fundamental economic concepts, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. The economics curriculum will also include a thematic section focused on the economics of imperialism.
  • MATHEMATICS The mathematics curriculum will cover topics in general mathematics and geometry and will include a brief introduction to differential calculus.

The full subject area outlines will be posted on USAD’s website on May 1 and will also be published in the Academic Decathlon® Study Guide, which will begin shipping on May 15.

Fleaking amazing!!! 🙂 I’m so excited. Sure i was still kind of hoping for it to be on Russia and that the book would be Tolstoy ya know. Yeah. But i’m still excited about this!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 OH NEXT YEAR IS GONNA BE GREAT! SENIOR YEAR WOHOOOOOOOO!!!! It’s closer than i realize. I’m really kind waiting for it to hit me that i only have like 3 months left as a junior and then i’ll be at the top of the food chain. Hehehehe.

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