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Day 7 of Picture Challenge and Dead People

So a picture of my most treasured item



My most treasured item is my viola πŸ™‚ I love it so much. πŸ˜‰ Β That’s all i have to say about that.


So for my normal blog post, i have pretty much been looking at dead people all day. Went to body world and the cadavers. Yeah two things that were kind of cool but things that i could of went my whole life without seeing. Body world was actually pretty cool it’s just the cadavers that i was kind of iffy on. It was a learning experience none the less though, and then we went on a tour of Grand Canyon University, which was awesome. I really like it there and if it wasn’t in the valley i would totally go. It’s just too hot down there for me, and i know i would adjust but as of right now my body can’t handle it. Lol. I’m really enjoying my Clive Cussler book and hope to be finishing it soon. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading you guys! You all are mucho awesome! πŸ™‚

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Day 6 of Picture Challenge and Some Short Fiction

If i could trade places with anyone for a day i’d trade places with Sarah Chang! She is an amazing violinist and i admire her so greatly. She is such an inspiration to me and is so talented! I hope to one day to be as talented as her, not that that will really happen. But a girl can dream can’t she πŸ™‚

Well here’s my fiction πŸ™‚


“Mom? I have a question. What is a tree?” I, a curious little girl at the time, asked my busy mother while holding a worn paper back in my still little hands.

“A tree? A tree? Where did you hear that word Regina? Trees have been forbidden since far before you were even thought of! I don’t want to hear you say that word ever again. Okay do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand.” I say it but the words mean nothing. I don’t understand. I don’t want to understand. Why were they forbidden? Why aren’t there any left anywhere anymore?

“Where did you hear that word anyways sweetie?”

“I read it in a book that is about…” I got cut off before i could say anything else.

“A book! Where in the world did you find a book! Those are against the law Regina you are in such trouble right now…” She keeps talking but being the trouble child I am, I’m not listening anymore. I walk up to my room like the robot that she wants me to be. The feeling of holding a story in your hands, she just doesn’t understand.

“Go to your room!” She yells down the hallway and I say as politely as I can, “Already am.” Like I said, she doesn’t understand.

There is so much that I don’t understand about life, about the world, about the past. I’ve felt alone a lot lately thinking about this. Ever since I found that book in my pillow the other day my once inactive mind has been going crazy with ideas. At one point in time there where trees and plants growing from the ground and we didn’t need to used the oxygen machines that we use now. The word today is cold and nothing grows. I often find myself wondering what it would be like to feel the wind in my hair and the green grass beneath my feet. No one in my generation has felt that, is it horrible that I want to?

In a world that is completely synthetic, and controlled how can we even have room to have emotions, or to follow our hearts? The world that Square has created is so controlled that we feel nothing. Without feeling it is impossible to write, and impossible to create music, but of course that is exactly what he wanted. A majority of young people my age, make that all young people besides myself, don’t even know what those two things are. Essentially we are perfect, we don’t forget anything, we don’t feel anything. Our feelings will never get in the way of our decisions, but is that such a good thing?

Our elders don’t even want us to know about this past world that once existed, where we could still see the stars and were free to write our feelings. Back when we could still read books and play music! I know that Captain Square is our leader and that I am supposed to respect him but he is exactly what his name is, square. What is this life that he decided he wanted us to live? Everything is synthetic, our buildings are made of metal, and the ground is no longer dirt but concrete. We have all become robots though we are all still made of flesh and bones. We see nothing but the metal walls that surround us, and we feel nothing but the knowledge that is intravenously injected into our bodies.

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Day 5 of Picture Challenge and an Apology?

A picture of my favorite memory.

One of my favorite memories is the first Music Is… concert i did with the symphony. It was the most amazing experience that i’ve had in a while. It was just amazing on so many levels πŸ™‚

Well today’s been good i don’ have much to complain about, it’s getting warmer outside and as the days pass i am more and more looking forward to spring break and then summer. I need to clean my room so that i can practice my viola. πŸ˜›

SO i know i didn’t post for the past four days and am writing this on a saturday even though it should have been written on a wednesday. πŸ˜› I’m not keeping very true to my post every day thing but you know what! The having to go back and write four blog posts instead of just one, that’s punishment enough lol. So yeah. Forgive me please i’m only human πŸ™‚

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Day Four of 30 Day Challenge and Some Short Fiction

So this is a picture of my night. Lol i know it’s not an actual picture but it counts. It’s aΒ compilationΒ of what’s going on with me right now. Sorry it’s not more exciting.

I am in charge of myself and i have determined that i can not write a fiction story tonight and instead need to work on my english homework. Once i’m finished with my story i’m doing for english i will post it on here and it will count as today’s fiction. πŸ™‚ Love you guys you are all awesome. πŸ™‚

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Day Three of Thirty Day Challenge and Some Normal Blogging. ;)

A picture of the cast of my favorite show. Criminal Minds! πŸ™‚ Amazing! πŸ™‚


So on other words. I completely finished editing Chasing Viola and put it out on amazon kindle this morning. Right now it is waiting to be approved and then will be out there so anyone with a computer can read it. πŸ™‚ I am waiting on an awesome person who is doing my spine and back cover to match my front cover to actually put it out in paper form. Trust me once i get my proof copy though there will be a picture posted. I’m so excited!

It’s starting to warm up more and i’m really enjoying that. I can’t wait till spring break. πŸ™‚ I don’t have much else to say, except that, yeah i don’t have anything else to say. πŸ˜›

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Sunday Morning Rain is Falling

Okay so it’s not really raining but that is a good song none the less. πŸ˜€ So here goes day two. A picture of me and the person i’ve been closest to longest.


Tayler Fox. My friend and cousin since before preschool πŸ™‚

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30 Day Challenge, Day One

So I know it’s a saturday and i don’t “technically” have to post but i want to. I am starting this thirty day challenge thing that everyones doing on facebook. Basically you post a picture every day for 30 days and each one has to be something specific, like day one, Post a picture of yourself with 10 facts about yourself. I”ll be doing the thirty day challenge along with posting my fiction and normal blog entries. (:

This, Is Me

1. I have a secret love for writing, I’m writing all the time. A lot of the time I write in class when i’m supposed to be paying attention but it’s my way of clearing my mind so that i CAN pay attention. If i don’t write then i can’t really focus and it’s not good. Haha.

2. More than anything i love to be outside and camping is like one of my most favorite things to do. I love to go to lake Roosevelt and go fishing and have fun. When you’re there you don’t pay attention to the fact that maybe you haven’t showered for several days and your clothes are maybe dirty. You’re outside the whole time and it just feels good. I love being on the lake fishing.

3. I am afraid of the dark, well not really the dark, more what’s in the dark. It really bugs me to go outside after the sun has gone down but yet i love to look at the stars. I’m getting better at not being scared but it’s something i’m still working on.

4. Raspberry tea is my weakness. I will do anything for raspberry tea.

5. I live to play in the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra. It gives me purpose and is by far the best thing i have ever done with my life. So for this past concert not being able to go to practice has totally been messing with me, and i really don’t like it and greatly anticipating the day when i’ll be able to go back. I’m really hoping to go to the concert tonight.

6. I have personal space issues, i can’t stand people in my space! Sure there are certain people that i don’t mind, no what am i kidding myself, i like my space.

7. I’ve attempted to go vegetarian something like 10 times, but not because i hate the thought of killing animals, it doesn’t bug me THAT much, it’s just vegetarian would be a healthier lifestyle for me in the situation i’m in now you know. A lot of the unhealthy things i like have to do with some sort of meat product.

8. I really don’t like the way i look at all. Not to a point where i’m a danger to myself but still. I have my days where i wish that i could just disappear. I’m overweight, as if that’s not obvious enough. I hate it, but i feel like i’m not capable of doing anything about it even though i can. It’s just to easy to go on living the way i have been living for the past few years. I can’t deal with change.

9. I like to sing but i’m always afraid to because i watch people on american idol and such that think they sound good but they’re really not. They really sound horrible but they can’t hear that. I think i sound okay but i’m always scared that i’m not hearing it right. Scared that i just think i sound good because i want to sound good.

10. Everyone says i’m SOOO good at piano but i never practice. I’ve never really practiced piano for more than like 8 hours in the past few years. So when people are like, oh my gosh you’re so good, i’mΒ hesitantΒ to say thanks. I don’t make myself good. I don’t practice. It’s just myself. I don’t really have to try.

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