Okay My Dear Friends

25 Feb

I have not posted much lately but starting now i will begin to post more. I’ve decided that on tuesdays and thursdays i’ll write a good blog post and that on mondays wednesdays and fridays i’ll write 100 words of fiction And i’ll switch off every week. Starting next week monday i’ll write fiction, etc.. I’ve still been writing every day but it’s just not been online. I write stuff down when i have free time in class. Sure most of it ends up ripped up in the trash so that no on will ever read it but i have been writing either way. I feel myself growing as a writer every day, just as i feel myself growing as a musician every day especially after the Regional Orchestra Festival. My shoulders still hurt from the 16 hours-ish of practice but this morning when i went to play in orchestra i could feel that my vibrato was improving and i could do it more efficiently and without shaking like i did so often before.

Regionals was so fun, Mr. Alverez is so awesome and i learned so much. It was really a lot of fun. I really like Round Valley. Still going down there to the high school i find that the story of the Ulrich family tugs at my heart. If you don’t know the story you can take a look at my blog entry i did about it after it happened. . The story pulls at my heart, especially after going there a year after i went there last year and seeing everyone is going on like normal, though everything has changed. Maybe i’m just over sensitive to those types of things.

I sat third chair in the Regional Orchestra and though it was not the first chair i was hoping for i still had fun. I found out that i might be able to do the WMSO “Music Is…” concert! Which is super exciting! Out of all the concerts i’ve done for symphony the music is concerts are my favorite. I love playing for all of those little kids and knowing that as a part of that group i might just inspire someone to take up music, or love music more than they already do. It is a WMSO Music Is… concert that inspired me to love music. I remember sitting in that audience and thinking, “I will never be good enough to be in an orchestra like that. They’re so talented and amazing and i’ll be lucky if i’m ever that good.” I was in 5th grade. I remember about a year later listening to the radio and hearing someone come on and say that the symphony is looking for viola, cello, and bass players and just wishing that maybe one day i could audition. That maybe one day i’d be old enough and talented enough to join that group that inspired me so much.

Three years later i auditioned, and made it. Literally all of my dreams came true. I was a freshman in high school. I was only 14. That symphony has made me who i am today, and i wouldn’t be half of the player that i am today if i wouldn’t of auditioned back in 2008. I made friends, and i met people that i will never forget. I’ve done like 14 something concerts with the symphony and it’s amazing and i love it and i hope to play in that symphony for the rest of my life.

I’m considering doing script frenzy in April. It could be fun, i’m not exactly how to write a script or what i’d write it about but i think it could work and i think it could be fun. 100 pages of script in 30 days. Or i’ll just write another novel in april, that novel being the second book to the woods of segesse that i have still yet to really make any progress on. Yeah i think i’ll do that. Or i’ll write the screen play for the woods of segese. haha yeah right. Well this feels good, blogging again. Yes i’m happy to be back. Writing feels so good.

IF i think of anything else i’ll post. I”m off to watch criminal minds. Well actually i’ve been watching criminal minds this whole time but i’m at 713 words and i think it’s time to finish writing and finish watching my show. I think they just made a breakthrough.

Love you guys,

Reporter Lindsey signing off. 🙂


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