Things Have Changed for Me, And That’s Okay!!!!!! :D

04 Jan

Well i’m in a “Pretty. Odd.” mood and a lot of you aren’t going to get at all what i’m talking about but oh well. Shame on those people for not knowing what i’m talking about. I can’t believe today is already tuesday! Glee is on tonight i do believe! 😀 I’ve had some really good realizations lately. Things that make me smile. Things that i didnt’ realize made me smile until just now. Well i realized it before but it had been a while since i had felt like this; just so happy about everything. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hahaha well i’m just all around happy! We had homemade pizza for dinner. Best pizza i’ve made i think! 🙂 Well today’s been good.
Short story. This morning, i have flag duty okay it’s an every day thing, my hand like almost got stuck ON the flag pole it was so cold! My hand slipped when i was pulling the flag up and it was almost tragic. OUCH that would have hurt! But the flag got put up and flew proud all day long. I don’t know why but i really enjoy being the flag putter upper. It makes me feel like i’m showing my honor to this country. I hate it how we don’t say the pledge in the morning anymore, so i often say it to myself as i’m raising the flag. It’s such a shame that things have become so technical that we don’t even say the pledge in the mornings at an AMERICAN school that is free because we’re in AMERICA.
It’s 18 degrees outside and i am going to try my best hand at cleaning the kitchen and then hopefully by then my mom will be done watching Biggest Loser so that i can watch Glee. 🙂 Oh yeah and i got “Looking for Alaska”! I’m reading that and paper towns! I love them both so far and John Green you are mucho awesome! 🙂
Hope you’ll all have a good night, and a bright and shiny morning. 😉
Reporter Lindsey Townsend, signing off.

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