So Today, Today is Today

03 Aug

So today has been a rather musical day for me. I practiced my viola for a couple hours, and i’ve been studying my music theory (so long it’s making my head hurt, lol). No music theory fascinates me so i don’t mind it. I’m learning a few tricks and stuff that will definitely come in handy.

I really want to take private viola lessons. If i had a job maybe i would. I know the person and the number and the price and everything it’s just a matter of money. Everything is a matter of money these days. All over the planet (mostly the US) everything revolves around money, and it borderline bothers me. But i’m not sure that there is really anything i can do to help in something as big as that is.

I can’t believe that there is only one week until school starts again. It seems like summer just started yesterday.

But of course that’s the way the last week of summer always feels.

Tonights Glee night for me, so that’s what i’m doing after i’m done here. 😀

I love Glee.

It’s amazing.

And Huge last night. Oh my goodness, was amazing. I was like, NO THAT CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!! Will is amazing, she fascinates me more and more each weak. And Amber, why are you doing that to yourself, you can’t be with him things just wont work!

I wish it was Monday already so i could see what is going to happen.

Lately Secret Life has just been getting on my nerves though. It’s like really everyone get over it. Adrian is having Ben’s baby and it’s gonna stay like that. Amy is still in NY, and Ben is still crying over Amy. But Ricky. It’s Ricky now that i’m not so sure of. Things are rather weird with him lately. Him and Ashley. Ehhhh the thought of them together just bugs me.

Wow i can’t believe it’s already almost time for school to start.

But i’m sure this year will be good.

Even if it’s not, i’ll make sure it is. If that makes any sense at all.

My schedule is no fun this year.

It’s so disappointing.

Yeah i don’t even want to talk about it.

Maybe some other time i will.

When i don’t have so much on my mind.

So for your thing to think about for the night/morning/afternoon/evening.

Do you ever think about something in particular before you go to sleep and then have a freaky dream about that very same thing?

I have been doing that for the past week. It’s almost bugging me.

Do you ever do that?

And when you do is it about a person or a thing or a problem or the world coming to an end?

Just think about that.

Your dreams aren’t just random, they come from what you’re thinking about. You can pretty much control them.

Try it i dare you.

Goodnight everybody.

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