I Can’t Believe It’s Already Almost Time For School To Start!!!!

27 Jul

Well summer is coming to an end and there is only a couple more weeks before school starts. The weather is cooling down a bit in town during the day, and it’s raining. A lot.

All of my school clothes and supplies shopping is done, my room is borederline clean, and all in all life is great.

I had an awesome trip to Albuquerque with my Aunt last week. Went to the mall and the movies, went to the zoo and the worlds longest tramway (awesome) went bowling and rode on a train. And altogether just had a great time.

I can’t wait for school to start though.

School is awesome. And really i’m hoping this year will be a lot better then last year. Last year wasn’t totally bad, but let me tell you, it sure had it’s moments.

It feels like rain here in small town arizona.

Feels pretty good if you ask me.

I wrote a song.

No i will not play it for anybody or give lyrics just yet.

Mostly because it’s ridiculously cheesy, and i still have some tweeking to do to it before it’s to my liking.

First song i’ve written in a while, so it feels good. Even if it is extraordinarily cheesy.

Well for your thing to think about.

Puns are cheesy, what is your favorite pun?

Why is it your favorite?

Is it really that funny?

And exactly how cheesy is it?

Do other people think it’s funny?

Just think about that.

Have a good day everybody! 🙂

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