If Happy Little BlueBirds Fly Beyond the Rainbow, Why Can’t I?

11 Jul

Imagine what it’d be like if people could fly like birds! I was just listening to Nikki Yanofsky’s version of over the rainbow and that thought came to my mind. What if we could fly. We might not be able to right now exactly, but i think we can right now.  If that makes any sense at all to you.  People, we can fly. I think to each person flying is something different. For me, when i’m playing my viola in my room and am surrounded by music, it’s like i’m flying. It’s like i’m flying high in the sky, on a cloud, with no worries in the world.

For me flying is music, i feel free as a bird flying over the rainbow. I don’t always feel quite as graceful but that’s a story for another time. 😉

For everyone flying is different. And maybe not all of us have thought about things like this. That when you really enjoy what you’re doing, it’s what flying would feel like. Just absolute freedom. Absolute freedom and happiness.

I like that feeling, and i think that might be one of the reasons why i like playing music so much. Because i’m absolutely happy and free. Because i’m flying. Like a happy little bluebird over the rainbow.

So i haven’t done this in a while but here’s your nightly thing to think about.

What makes you fly like a happy little bluebird?

Is it music?

Is it writing?

Is it running?

Is it drawing?

Is it composing?

Is it just talking to people?

Is it taking a walk in the fall and seeing all of nature at it’s most beautiful?

Is it academic decathlon?

Is it being with friends?

Is it life in general?

Just think about that. 😉

Night everyone.

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