My Name Is. . .

08 Jul

So i was looking at my blog stats today and it showed that someone searched my name and got to my blog, good deal i though. So i did the same. Searched my name and no surprise my blog came up on the second page of the results. But that’s not the only thing i found. Sometimes you don’t stop to think that you aren’t the only person with your name in the world. I googled my name and found some stuff that i thought was really interesting! It just fascinates me.

In Georgia there is a Lindsey Townsend who teaches Preschool/Special Ed.

There is a Brittish author named Lindsay Townsend that writes historical romance novels, she has  10+ books. None of which i have read, but that’s beside the point. She’s a semi-well known author, people enjoy her books.

In the Dallas/Fortworth area there is a writer named Lindsey Townsend, she’s a writer and an editor for a newspaper.

In Canada there is this amazing swimmer whose name happens to be Lindsey Townsend. She has a 3.6 GPO and trains harshly in swimming.

In Unionville, NY a girl only a year older then me was named Unionville Fair Queen.

There’s a Lindsey Townsend that has 16 years work experience as a magazine editor and a self help article writer. Her logo is, Because the right words make all the difference.

If you search on facebook, you come up with 64 Lindsey Townsends.  Some of them Canadian, most of them in college. One of them is British and is almost the same age as me.  Some of them sharing a common interest with me, such as the like watching Glee or Secret Life. Some of them like the same music as me.  Scrolling down the list of results some of them even look a bit like me.

It only makes me wonder, is there any way i could be related to these people and not know it? Or is it just coincidence that they share my same name. I few of them even share my same middle name. At first i thought it was creepy, but now it’s just fascinating to me.

There’s even a Lindsey Street, in Port Townsend, WA.

Who would have guessed.

And now i have an idea.

But i don’t know if it’ll work.

What if i like, naw.

Maybe i’ll tell you in another post. 😉

No i guess i’ll tell you now. What if, i made a separate facebook profile, and added nothing but a picture of myself and my name. No other personal info at all and then add all of the Lindsey Townsends on facebook.  What do you guys think. I wouldn’t be putting myself at risk in any way by adding people that i don’t know. And i’m kind of curious to see how many of them would add me.

Idk. Would that be a bad idea?

Tell me what you think. And i’ll go from there.

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One response to “My Name Is. . .

  1. deb

    July 10, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    Hmm, not sure if that a real bad idea, doesn’t sound like most of the other Lindsey’s are homocidal, but educated or young women. who knows. Obviously you share another characteristic with them, writing.


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