No One Laughs At God In A Hospital, No One Laughs At God In A War.

01 Jul

So when i pressed new post just now i thought, oh i’ll write another poem. I like poems, they’re fun to write, they make things make sense. But i just couldn’t come up with anything. So this will just be a normal post. This video at the very top of this post, is like. Wow. Regina Spektor is awesome. And she makes sense.

I love her music.

I am so tired. I took a CPR class this morning, so now i’m certified in CPR. Which is nice. Who knows someday that might come in handy.  I kinda would like to hope that it doesnt because if it doesn’t then that would mean that nothing bad would be happening to anyone around me. But if something does happen. I have refreshed my mind on what i need to be doing.

Yeah i’m tired. So this is the end of this days post!

Thanks you all for reading! You’re awesome!


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