The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

24 Jun

So it’s probably not very obvious because i don’t talk about it much, but secret life of the american teenager is by far in my top five list of favorite shows. Right below Glee but right above Throw Down: With Bobby Flay and Dinner Impossible. The series started out as just a show to show teenagers in general what happens when you don’t make the right choices.  The main character ends up pregnant because of “This one time at band camp”. It started out as that. But turned into so much more. It’s turned into a comedy and a drama, and a romance story. And it’s like everything combined into one thing. It has this never ending story line about Amy and her friends. None of whom can manage to make quite the correct decisions.  Every Monday night when i watch it it leaves me wanting it to be next Monday already so i can see what’s gonna happen next!

Recently on the show, Adrian (supporting main character, who wanted revenge at Amy) found out she was pregnant.  Ben (the father of Adrian’s baby and  also Amy’s boyfriend) is freaked out. Amy is leaving for what she thinks is a music program for gifted musicians in NY (which really turns out to be  a music program for teen mothers only). And Ricky (the father of Amy’s baby) is staying at Amy’s house for the whole month that Amy will be away just to watch John. While Ashley (Amy’s younger sister) “tries” to stay out of trouble while Ricky is there.

Something bad is bound to go wrong here.

And this is all while Bristol Palin makes a guest appearance as none other then, well, Bristol Palin. In what US weekly says

“A part that hits very close to home for her.”

They closed the preview for next weeks show with the wonderful line.

“You’re the world greatest French horn player and I’m Yo-yo Ma.”

It’s either going to be a really good episode or it’s not. I’m guessing that it’s going to be a good one.

So now i’ll stop babbling on about Secret Life.

Today’s been good, I did a lot of practice on my viola. I’m getting my allstate solo down okay i guess. I still have a few trouble spots that i’m really gonna have to work. But by the end of summer, i’m sure i’ll have it down so well that i’ll be totally sick and tired of it! But that’s good. That’s always good 🙂 That means when i go to try out my nerves wont get the best of me 😉

Scales and Arpeggios.

Those need a lot more practice then my solo does.

And the etudes.

Well i got those down just fine. They’re really easy this year.

It is 93 degrees outside right now so i really don’t want to do anything outside until it cools down. So i’m just gonna stay inside and put up some new pages on here! I already updated My Musical Inspirations page, and the WMSO page. I added pics to the WMSO page as well as updated information.  And i added more artists to my Inspirations page. So go check it out. And there’ll definitely be more pages to come ;).

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day everybody 🙂

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