The Sky.

22 Jun

So i’ve been thinking about some things a lot. Like for example the fact that i have this obsession with the sky.  The sky and the clouds and the sun and the moon and the stars. Anything that is in the sky i am amazed at.  Which i guess isn’t exactly a hugely bad thing. Just gonna be weird when school starts up again. .

I want to write another book but i just can’t get into it! Me next book will have to wait till NaNoWriMo. Cause that gives me a motive to WANT to write, which i don’t have at all when i’m trying to write now.  Which is a tad frustrating i wont lie.  Not as frustrating as some other things in the world.

Like the fact that.

Naw never mind i wont continue that sentence.

The stars outside are beautiful as always. And i’m mega tired. And i had some freaky dreams last night. Like freaky freaky. Not scary freaky just weird freaky.  Just yeah. It was weird.

Really weird. When i woke up it was like really did i just have that dream? It made me wonder if i ate anything strange before i went to be last night. Which i didn’t. . Yeah weird dream.

Today was weird for me. Not like super weird but strange none-the-less.

And i’m really tired. Mabye i’ll have normal dreams tonight.

Or at least i hope i will.

So goodnight everyone.

May your dreams all be normal!!!! 😉

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