Oh What A Day It Is Today.

22 Jun

Well today has actually been pretty good. Which really surprises me. I thought today was gonna not go so well. But It starting out like this just reminded me that i need to keep looking to the bright side of things. Gotta keep seeing the glass half full. And keep those headphones in my ears. Music always helps everything. And it’s a lovely day outside. My awesome Dad fixed my bike and after i’m done with my “chores” can’t wait to get out side and ride around town. It’s Tuesday, i don’t have anything else to be doing. ๐Ÿ™‚ And i’m really bored. Today’s a weird day for me. A rather weird day.

Watermelon sounds good.

I want to finish my book i’m reading. Marcelo in the Real World.

It’s a really good book. I’m really enjoying it and i’m almost finished with it.

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone that was interested, that is if they didn’t mind the language in it.

Most books if they have bad language in them if it’s not a good story line then i just stop reading them. (Perfect Fifths was a perfect example of that, i started reading it, it had a bad story line that matched it’s nasty language so i just stopped reading it.) But his book, it has a good story line. I think it might even be teaching me a bit of something about myself. So i’m definitely going to finish it. Probably today after i get back from my bike ride. And then i’ll start All She Wanted. Seems like an interesting book. I have some big classics that i want to read this summer, but right now i’m not in the classical mood. More of the semi-modern, more contemporary fiction mood. So i’ll read all of those and then get to that huge book waiting in there on my dresser.

I think i might go down to the library later today and check out Les Miserables. I really want to read it.

So that’s on my to do list.

Yup. Not much to do today.

Will probably post again later, with some awesome story of something that happened to me.

Naw, probably not.

If anything exciting happens i’ll post about it.

If not.

Au Revior for today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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