Goldfish While The Wind Still Blows

11 Jun

So today’s been pretty good so far. My dad is home which is always good. And we have a family reunion thing coming up which should be fun.  I’ll get to see a lot of people that i haven’t got to see for a while. Which is always good.  And those goldfish. Yeah i think i’m about tired of them. But my baby sister loves them, so i guess i do too :). The wind is still blowing like crazy out here in Heber. And although the fire danger for today is set for high, everything is nice and green and like summer! I love it.

I’m thinking about writing another novel (i seem to think this a lot lately). This one will either be another fantasy one or a young adult one. Or both. Yeah, i kinda like that idea. I’ll combine the two.   😉 Should be fun. . So yup i’m gonna go work on an outline. I have a rough idea of what i want to do. If it turns into anything, then that will really surprise me, but i gotta write my ideas down or i’m not going to get anywhere with them! Lol.

Oh yeah. And i got my solo for allstate tryouts this year 🙂 So gotta learn it, memorize it, overplay it, play it until i can’t stand it! And then maybe i’ll make it into allstate. That would be amazing!

I might do another post later.

So ttfn.

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