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Paramout Nadirs

Paramout Nadirs

By: Lindsey Townsend

That sweet sweet goodbye is ringing in my ears.

Without you i can conquer all my fears, without tears.

I never realized what was happening all of those years.

Without you the clouds they sure clear and the sky appears.

I guess i was never quite using my ears as i mishear every word that you spear.

Friendship is supposed to be like a pier, it is supposed to adhere.

But for us it sure reached a nadirs.

At one point you made my eyes blear.

But now hear me out as i say what you worst fear.

All to often i sat  with tears as you jeered, at my dreams, mocking my fears.

But all that hides you is a cheap veneer.

Those tears are no more.

The broken memories of that messed up friendship, are shattered on the floor.

I don’t hate to say that i don’t plan to pick up the pieces.

Those pieces, they don’t belong together.

And me, i have friends, that’ll stand by me throughout any weather.

I don’t need those broken pieces shattered on the floor.

Because now, all i see an open door.

Because now, my heart is no longer at war.

And i know, that i could never want more.

Then what i have now.

With my friends and my family, where my heart it stays safe and sound.







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Story of Your Life.

So yesterday was good. And i’m gonna make sure today is good. Everything for the 4th is comming together pretty well and it looks like it’s gonna rain! Things are going pretty good right now. I played piano yesterday. I hadn’t done that for a while. Can’t wait for the fireworks! We have the best handlit show in the state! It’s gonna be so crazy down here on saturday.  So yeah. Story of my life. Story of your life. Life is great. Family is good. And People are crazy.  😉

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RIP Ulrich Family: Jeffrey, Ronni, Alexa, and Carlie.

As most of you probably already know, on June 11, 2010 there was quite a tragic event that happened in Eagar, Arizona. A small plane carrying a family of four, the Ulrich family, crashed into Round Valley High School. There were no survivors.  I can only imagine what their family is feeling.  It’s not something i rather want to imagine. Loosing four of my family members in one brief crash.

This is what a newspaper in Tampa Bay has to say about it:

A third of Round Valley High School is gone after a plane, carrying a family of four, crashed into it Friday afternoon. The school is in the town of Eagar, Ariz., 15 miles west of the New Mexico border, on the slopes of the White Mountains. This is not just a school — it’s the school, teaching 500 students from Eagar, Springerville and other small towns in this rural area.

People here aren’t worried about rebuilding.

They are mourning.

The family who died — Jeffrey Ulrich, 50; his wife, Ronni, 47; and daughters Alexa, 15 and Carlie, 5 — were strangers who lived nearly 2,000 miles away in Wesley Chapel. Yet the people of Eagar are grieving, leaving flowers and candles, homemade signs and teddy bears at the school gates.

More than 200 people held a vigil Monday night. Students plan to create a college scholarship in Alexa’s name. The town wants to hold another vigil Friday and is talking of creating a permanent memorial.

“Not a soul is worried about the school or their classrooms or what’s going to happen,” said Karen Warnick, 58, who covers Eagar, Springerville and the other nearby towns for the White Mountain Independent.

Her office windows rattled when the plane crashed. She was on scene within minutes, along with hundreds of residents who ran to see what happened. So many people were on their cell phones that service, usually spotty, shut down.

No one on the ground was hurt. Normally, students would have been inside, but budget cuts eliminated summer school this year. Last week the board decided to give staff Fridays off. The day of the crash was their first.

Warnick said most people at the scene were silent, in shock and now, days later, still crying.

“We are worried about them and their family — not our school,” she said.

Mike Hogan, 50, is the chief of the Eagar Police Department, which has 10 officers. Springerville has nine. Together, the towns have about 7,000 residents — many ranchers, power plant and timber workers. The school system is a main employer.

Hogan and his officers held a procession Tuesday afternoon to lay flowers at the school grounds, in honor of Ulrich — who was a special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — and his family.

“Please tell the rest of the family we are sorry for their loss,” Hogan said.

Authorities are still investigating the crash, and it may be months before they determine what went wrong. The crash happened shortly after the plane took off from an airstrip in Springerville. Sgt. Richard Guinn of the Apache County Sheriff’s Office said it appears Jeffrey Ulrich was attempting to gain altitude when the plane hit a light post and a tree, then crashed into the two-story school.

Ulrich was a pilot with more than 20 years experience. The family was heading west on a vacation to the Grand Canyon.

Eastern Arizona residents have reached out online through a Facebook page created in memory of Alexa, who just finished her sophomore year at Wiregrass Ranch High School. Her friend Jack Whidden, an 18-year-old recent graduate of Wiregrass Ranch, has been writing back to these kind strangers who send messages of condolences.

“I’m blown away,” Whidden said. “A small town who just had their high school destroyed is having a vigil for a family they’ve never met who lived thousands of miles away.

“Round Valley has got to be the nicest area in America.”

Times researcher Shirl Kennedy and the Associated Press contributed to this story. Erin Sullivan can be reached at or (727) 869-6229.

There were many newspapers that wrote about this tragedy. There was a video put  up on youtube in memory of Alexa Ulrich, who was my age.  A facebook page put up in memory of the family.

I can only imagine what the rest of their family is now going through.

Being in my high schools orchestra, i’ve been around the state going to other high schools for festivals and performances.  I’ve been to Eager. Been in Round Valley High School. It’s such a nice little town. It was only a few months ago that i was in Round Valley for Regional Orchestra. Now it feels like it was just yesterday.  And looking at this picture:

Just makes what happened seem even more real. And i’m finding that what happens kind of hits rather close to home.

Through all of this, the citizens of Eager and the surrounding areas are not at all worried about the damage to their school. They are worried about the Ulrich family.  A family they did not even know.

I’ve walked the hallways of Round Valley High School. I’ve played in that same grass that is seen in the picture posted above. I’ve had fun performing in their super nice auditorium with a bunch of other musicians. I made some great memories at Round Valley High School. But you know what. . I’m not worried about the losses to the school either. I’m worried about that family.

The most damage was done to the High School’s administration offices, eight classrooms and two bathrooms. The classrooms affected were the art room, special education room, NAVIT, the academic decathlon room, the records room and several others that aren’t in constant use. There is smoke and water damage to seven other rooms and some water damage to the carpets in the library. The fire had started to burn the edges of the library room, but Udall said that without the help of the other fire departments it could have been much worse.

The computer lab was saved from major damage by a fire wall, though there is some smoke damage. The kitchen, multipurpose/cafeteria room and the choir room all survived with little damage.

I know what tragedy feels like. But it’s never been to that extreme. To loose four members of your family all in the same quick plane crash. In a town 2,000 miles away from home at that! I can only imagine. And although this has been a couple weeks ago, my thoughts and prayers will still go out for the Ulrich family.

If you want to read more about this tragedy here are some links to articles and to the youtube and facebook pages i mentioned earlier :

And after all of that. I’m not sure how to end this post.

All i can say is to please, please keep the Ulrich family in your thoughts and prayers.


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Awesome :)


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So today has been pretty good i’m not gonna lie. Went to a concert for an awesome group! Got my t-shirt signed by all of the members. THE RED AIRPLANES RULE! Saw some people i haven’t seen for a long time and flat out had fun! 🙂 What is that saying. God is great, beer is good (no beer is not good that’s just in the song!), and people are crazy.

So tomorrow is going to be good. Mondays are usually always good in my case.

They fourth is coming up fast! I can’t wait for the fireworks. (We have the best handlit show in the state!)

I got some cool pics at the concert. And an awesome video. 🙂

And the lead singer told me to wear this shirt every chance i get to publicize their group so they can come back here next year!! 😉 Awesome.

So if you’re in this little town in Arizona and happen to see a girl with short brown hair and brown eyes in a bright blue The Red Airplanes shirt with three signatures on the right shoulder then it’s probably me.

That’s all for tonight.

Good night everybody!! 🙂

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

So it’s probably not very obvious because i don’t talk about it much, but secret life of the american teenager is by far in my top five list of favorite shows. Right below Glee but right above Throw Down: With Bobby Flay and Dinner Impossible. The series started out as just a show to show teenagers in general what happens when you don’t make the right choices.  The main character ends up pregnant because of “This one time at band camp”. It started out as that. But turned into so much more. It’s turned into a comedy and a drama, and a romance story. And it’s like everything combined into one thing. It has this never ending story line about Amy and her friends. None of whom can manage to make quite the correct decisions.  Every Monday night when i watch it it leaves me wanting it to be next Monday already so i can see what’s gonna happen next!

Recently on the show, Adrian (supporting main character, who wanted revenge at Amy) found out she was pregnant.  Ben (the father of Adrian’s baby and  also Amy’s boyfriend) is freaked out. Amy is leaving for what she thinks is a music program for gifted musicians in NY (which really turns out to be  a music program for teen mothers only). And Ricky (the father of Amy’s baby) is staying at Amy’s house for the whole month that Amy will be away just to watch John. While Ashley (Amy’s younger sister) “tries” to stay out of trouble while Ricky is there.

Something bad is bound to go wrong here.

And this is all while Bristol Palin makes a guest appearance as none other then, well, Bristol Palin. In what US weekly says

“A part that hits very close to home for her.”

They closed the preview for next weeks show with the wonderful line.

“You’re the world greatest French horn player and I’m Yo-yo Ma.”

It’s either going to be a really good episode or it’s not. I’m guessing that it’s going to be a good one.

So now i’ll stop babbling on about Secret Life.

Today’s been good, I did a lot of practice on my viola. I’m getting my allstate solo down okay i guess. I still have a few trouble spots that i’m really gonna have to work. But by the end of summer, i’m sure i’ll have it down so well that i’ll be totally sick and tired of it! But that’s good. That’s always good 🙂 That means when i go to try out my nerves wont get the best of me 😉

Scales and Arpeggios.

Those need a lot more practice then my solo does.

And the etudes.

Well i got those down just fine. They’re really easy this year.

It is 93 degrees outside right now so i really don’t want to do anything outside until it cools down. So i’m just gonna stay inside and put up some new pages on here! I already updated My Musical Inspirations page, and the WMSO page. I added pics to the WMSO page as well as updated information.  And i added more artists to my Inspirations page. So go check it out. And there’ll definitely be more pages to come ;).

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day everybody 🙂

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The Sky.

So i’ve been thinking about some things a lot. Like for example the fact that i have this obsession with the sky.  The sky and the clouds and the sun and the moon and the stars. Anything that is in the sky i am amazed at.  Which i guess isn’t exactly a hugely bad thing. Just gonna be weird when school starts up again. .

I want to write another book but i just can’t get into it! Me next book will have to wait till NaNoWriMo. Cause that gives me a motive to WANT to write, which i don’t have at all when i’m trying to write now.  Which is a tad frustrating i wont lie.  Not as frustrating as some other things in the world.

Like the fact that.

Naw never mind i wont continue that sentence.

The stars outside are beautiful as always. And i’m mega tired. And i had some freaky dreams last night. Like freaky freaky. Not scary freaky just weird freaky.  Just yeah. It was weird.

Really weird. When i woke up it was like really did i just have that dream? It made me wonder if i ate anything strange before i went to be last night. Which i didn’t. . Yeah weird dream.

Today was weird for me. Not like super weird but strange none-the-less.

And i’m really tired. Mabye i’ll have normal dreams tonight.

Or at least i hope i will.

So goodnight everyone.

May your dreams all be normal!!!! 😉

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