What You Feel Is What You Are And What You Are Is Beautiful.

18 Apr

So i’m in a rather good mood right now i guess. The weather is lovely outside. I just made some grape-cherry koolaid. For once in what seems like months the wind is not blowing 100 mph. My room is semi-clean for once (though i am not sure were to put all of the musical instruments). I have school tomorrow, and we’re going to go to the court in SnowFlake for a couple hours and then go eat at Subway for lunch, so it should be fun! 😉 It was fun last year at least. And then on Tuesday i have that NHS official introduction thing.  And then on wednesday. I give my campaign speech to get people to vote for me for student council.  Busy week. And then like usual i have symphony thursday. I’m just hoping i don’t have anything to do friday. This is a very busy week but oh well i’ll make the most of it! So i hope you all have a good day tomorrow! I know i more then likely will! 🙂

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