Sweet Poetry To My Ears

08 Apr

Well today has only been AMAZING!!!! I know i haven’t posted in a while but i have been, as some would say, busy.  But i’ve been having plenty of fun and i completely love my life right now!!! 🙂

So first of all. I made it into National Honor Society. Which is so amazing that i can’t even process it. I was really hoping i would get in when i turned my application in  and i did so it’s amazing. I’m so happy.

Also. I had symphony rehearsal tonight. And it went well. The piece that i thought was a mess last week really came together this week. More and more i am wanting to write a piece for next years local composers concert. I just need to find an inspiration. And i think i just about have it so i need to start writting!! 😉

Also i am entering a poetry contest. So i need to get started on my ingenious poem that is going to win the whole thing!!! Naw actually i doubt that it’ll win the whole thing, but who knows.  So i really should get started on that. And if you want to enter the contest as well just go to and from there it pretty much tells you what to do. I am super excited to enter! 🙂

I love my viola more and more each time a play it. It is beginning to feel more and more like a part of me when i play and i’m finding myself relaxing more and just flat out playing (unless that is i am in symphony rehearsal, sitting second chair has it’s advantages and disadvantages  one of them being that the conductor is watching your every move [this may be a good thing or a bad thing i am still not sure] but it makes you pay attention). I know if i would just relax in symphony my back wouldn’t hurt  nearly as bad and my playing would be even better, but it’s just so hard to relax when you’re stressing on getting it right. So i need to practice that. Practice relaxing. That will defiantly help a lot.

I finished taking my AIMS tests today and i am hoping that i will never have to take them again!! If i passed (hopefully exceeded) them all then ’tis true that i will never have to take them again EVER! Which will be awesome meaning as i hate the AIMS test.

In our high school orchestra we are playing a song called Hoe Down and i just absolutely love playing it because it’s like fiddle music. Fiddle music is so much fun to play. I love fiddling.  It is just so fun and freeing. That is also something that you absolutely have to relax while doing. Fiddling. If you don’t relax then you wont get any of the notes right. But yeah i love it.

Also i am beginning to wonder if my addiction to shows on food network is healthy or not. I just love watching that channel it is so amusing to me.  I could watch it all day and be just fine!! By far i think my favorite shows are Iron Chef America and Dinner Impossible.  Those are my favorite. Come to think of it, anything on that channel is my favorite. I am just so fascinated by it!

Well that is just about all of the random babbling on that i can do for one night!! Besides the fact that today the sky was an amazing color blue. 😉

So for your thing to think about for the night, or morning, or afternoon, or whatever time you happen to be reading this.

What kind of person are you?

Are you a glass half full type or a glass half empty type?

I am asking this because i have a theory.

And that theory is that people that are the glass half full types (optimists) tend to be more relaxed then their opposites.

I do believe that i am a very active optimist.

I’m almost always happy with my life and i know that things will turn out alright in the end no matter how hard it is now.

I see the glass half full.

But what about you?

Do you see the glass half full or half empty?

And how much of a relaxed person are you?

Just think about that.


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2 responses to “Sweet Poetry To My Ears

  1. yy00

    April 9, 2010 at 8:07 am

    The color of your blog is pretty. I ❤ purple.

    • jojolindsey

      April 9, 2010 at 8:47 am

      Well thank you 🙂 I like purple to. Of course you know what color i really favor. But i’ll probly leave my site purple. 😉


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