Today Has Been Cool I Guess

03 Apr

Well my day started out with watching cartoons and eating cereal with my baby sister Katie. It was fun. She is the goofiest little child i know. And right now she’s looking at me with those big blue eyes and her face covered in baby food and i can’t help but smile. She is the light of my life. Sometimes i can have a totally bad day and then i look at her, my baby sister and everything is okay again. That’s why i love little kids. They are amazing. And they don’t care what other people think of them. they just, live life to the fullest without even meaning to.

I love a good movie. That is for sure. Today i watched the Five People You Meet In Heaven and The Front Of The Class. Those two movies have to be two of my favorites. And if you haven’t watched them i definatly suggest that you do! 🙂 Today has been good though. I’ve eaten way past my share of chocolate, had a good time. And have been getting ready to get up bright and early tomorrow morning for the Easter Sunrise Service at the church. I have to be there at 6:30 AM. So that should be fun. I like getting up early it just makes my whole day feel better.

And then there’s the fact of school. I just love school, sure there are some people that i wish weren’t there but i don’t let that bug me. I just love the people around all day, all of my friends. They mean so much to me. I don’t know what i would do without them i really don’t.

And on another random subject. The speakers on my computer don’t work. It’s rather annoying so i’m going to have to figure out what is wrong and fix it cause it is seriously driving me crazy. No joke.

And now for your nightly thing to think about.

Today i watched The Five People You Meet In Heaven and it made me question what it meant.

What is Heaven anyways?
What is it like?

I’ve come to a conclusion that it’ll be different for everybody.

Maybe i’m right maybe i’m wrong. But no one on earth will ever be able to prove me so.

That is were i am getting my question from.

What do you think heaven is like?

What do you think it will be like for you?

Just think about that. Because i know i will be.
Night everybody.

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