I Know I Know I Haven’t Posted In A While

01 Apr

Well yes it has been a while since i have written a blog post. I have just been quite the busy person since i got my new viola. Which btw i absolutely love. It makes me want to practice for hours on end because it gives me room to grow and has an AMAZING tone to it. I played it tonight and it was awesome.  It just, it’s perfect for me and i love it. And now it is 10:00 PM and i am super tired but am still up typing this lovely post for you people. I have decided that it would be really cool if i wrote an orchestra piece and the symphony played it next year at our local composers concert. That would just be amazing. Goodness i better get to work ;). I”m not kidding here though i really want to do that. I think that would be awesome. I definatly want to do that before i graduate high school. And hey with a couple of songs under my belt already why not. Oh yeah. I didn’t tell you about my new orchestral peace.

It’s for string orchestra: violin, viola, cello, and bass. And it’s called Journey. It has three movements and all together it is maybe four minutes long at most.  So i’ll go ahead and put that on here some how. Well actually i’ll put it on here right here.

Well i guess actually i wont. WordPress wont let me do that. So i guess i’ll find some other way to put it on here so the WORLD can hear it.  And it is purely mine and once i put it on here i ask that it not be used without my permission.  It is my first complete work and i am very proud of it. Yes i know it’s not the best piece in the world. But it is mine and i can say that :).

So i don’t really have much else to say except my usual begging you guys to come out and watch symphony concerts. Every little bit helps. And i promise you you will enjoy yourself at the concert. They are always fun for the musicians as well as the audience.

So for your thing to think about for the night.

It is scientifically proven that people who eat peanut butter get a higher GPA. Now this is only when they eat peanut butter on a regular basis and it has to be the crunch stuff not the smooth easy to eat stuff. It has to have peanuts in it and say Jiff on the jar. You must eat some of this peanut butter at every meal and i promise it will increase your GPA and you will do better on tests 🙂 Worked for me at least!! 🙂
Now highlight this whole post 🙂

Come on just do it. You know you wanna.
Come on do it. It’s for your own good.


Peanut butter does NOT really increase you GPA!

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One response to “I Know I Know I Haven’t Posted In A While

  1. Emily

    April 2, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Love the peanut butter part of the post, but I doubt I could eat it every meal, just sometimes. I am so excited to hear your Journey song. Is it on noteflight? I think you should write one for symphony too. I love your posts, just so you know.


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