EveryBody Shout What’s The Big Idea!!!

23 Mar

So today is going to be awesome 🙂 First of all my new (well actually it’s pre-owned but it’s new to me) viola is coming in today!!! So that’s super exciting. Now this sunburn i aquired down at the lake, is not that exciting. Try more painful (thank you aloe vera). So in the meantime, i will be watching little kid shows with my baby sister and eating leftover Pizza Hut. Mmmmmmm.

I love The Fray. They are like my heroes. I love their music it’s just amazing. Five for Fighting are also awesome to me. Well i have a very eventful day today (not). So i’m gonna leave you with just a simple thing to think about.

What is your favorite food?

Is it spicy, or chilled?

Is it sweet, or sour?

What does that say about your usuall everyday attitude?

Just think about that 🙂

Have a good day everybody.

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