19 Mar

So last night symphony was amazing. I had so much fun. I just love being there it just makes my whole day worth it. And i got to sit first chair again :). That is always so fun, and on top of that we got new music!!! I love getting new music it’s so much fun to play something absolutely new to me. WE HAVE FOUR VIOLAS NOW!!!!! 🙂 IT’S AMAZING. I’M SO GLAD TO HAVE MY BEST FRIEND BACK IN THE VIOLA SECTION WITH ME!!!! And Ms Bailey was definatly happy to have her back as well!!! 😉 Yes i know what i’ve been saying so far is super happy, but i have to say what i am going to say next.

The symphony is in a real bad possition, we don’t have much money and we are in a real tight spot. We truthfully don’t have barely any money in the bank. Just like everywhere else in the state, we are in trouble. So please, i’m trying to get the word about the symphony out there as much as i can. I am even adding a new page to my blog purely about the symphony, and how to give donations and buy tickets. Please everyone we need all the help we can get.  If  you want more information about the symphony and how to donate and/or buy tickets just visit the symphony page on my blog, and i’ll have all of the information you need there. But if you have more questions just email me at Any of your ideas and help will be appreciated.

And after that grim paragraph i feel subjected to cheer you up a bit!!

I’m sure in your life you have heard at least one viola joke. You know the mean ones that aren’t even that funny, mostly saying that violas are never in tune and aren’t good for anything.

I have read plenty of them in my time.

And right now is THE TIME WHEN I COULD GET REVENGE AND POST SOME REALLY GOOD VIOLIN JOKES!!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut i’m not that mean, and i know some really great people that play the violin.

And blonde jokes.
Nawwwwww those aren’t for me.

All in all.

I’m not a joke telling person!!!!!!!!

But i guess you got to c sharp or you’ll b flat. 🙂
(All the people laugh and you hear the drum set do there thing)

Have a good afternoon everyone 😉

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Posted by on March 19, 2010 in Concerts, Me, Music, Symphony


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