Tell Me Why.

17 Mar

Well things are starting to make sense to me again today. Haha and most of it is because of the lovely Taylor Swift. I love her music. And it’s just making everything make sense for me today 😉 Thanks Taylor.

So this morning i ordered my new viola!!!! I can’t wait to get it. (It’s actually going to be a pre-owned one in as-new condition but i don’t care) It’s going to be amazing. I ordered it from . They have really friendly service and are just a great company and depending on how this viola sounds (i’m sure it will be awesome) i’ll suggest it to even more people then i am right now (honestly not many people read this blog a day; only about 6 or 7 on a daily basis).  Who knows when i get it i might even post pictures 🙂

Speaking of pictures.  They posted pictures from our Music Is… concert in the White Mountain Independent yesterday. Well i guess i can’t say pictures because it was only one picture. I’m just glad to see that the symphony is on the front page 🙂

This is Maestro Theresa Bailey, the conducter of the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra.  I have such a good time in symphony that i’m not even almost dissapointed that they did not put a picture of the rest of the symphony in the paper. Just the fact that i’m in such a recognizable group up here in these lovely white mountains is just amazing to me. Like i said in a previous post. I love the feeling of being involved in something bigger than myself.  🙂  And the fact that it is one of these Music Is… concerts that inspired me to be a musician in the first place makes it even more worth it. Maybe i can do what the symphony did to me when i was younger to some other little kid. Inspire them to play music. Lead them into something that can be so much bigger then themselves. Music is such a great thing!!! I really don’t know what i would do without it. It heals wounds, it ties people together, it inspires people.   Or at least it has done all those things for me.

I want to write another book.

This time a more, contemporary, young adult novel. I think i’ll start writing it soon too. I miss writing and there is no way i can wait till NaNoWriMo in November to start writing again.  I’ll start tonight 🙂

Maybe i’ll be famous for this novel.

The first one sure didn’t get my very far.

But this one.

I think i have a chance with this one. I have this idea in my head that could turn into something great. . Did i mention that i am going to hand write it so i don’t have to spend hours upon hours on the computer typing.  And then i can write my story wherever i want to. 😉 It’s a plan. I will do it. I promise you all. In fact i already have the first sentance written down.

Now for your thing to think about.

I have a theory.

Some of us are like ants.

Yes ants! The creepy little crawly bugs that are totally disgusting and seem to be everywhere during the summer time.

Some of us are like ants because, when we want to do something, if something or someone gets in our way, we don’t just give up and turn around. We keep moving forward. We find a way around our obstacle, and make it where we want to go because we really want to be there.

I’m telling you, some of us are like ants!!

But are you like an ant?

Do you have a good sense of indurance and determination?

So i now i have another theory. 

The people that are like ants are the people that know exactly where they want to go in life. What job they want to do. Where they want to be. How much money they want to have. Where they want to live. Whether or not they want kids. People that are like ants know all of those things. They know where they want to go so they try there hardest to try and get there. 

Not all of us know where we want to go in life.

But what about you?

Do you know where you want to go in life?

Are you like an ant?

Just think about that. Goodnight world.

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