A Circle’s Round, It Has No End. That’s How Long I Want To Be Your Friend.

08 Feb

Well i’ve been pretty happy with my life lately. Our Academic Decathlon team did really well.  I got a second place medal in music!!! Which is my most favoritest thing in the world!!! (Yes i know that was very improper grammer). I love music, and now i have a pretty silver medal showing how much i know about it. In our team four people including me got medals and we got third place over all as a team in the super quiz relay which is a historic win for our school! 🙂 That is just awesome. So lately i have been pretty awesome. I love me life, and i’m happier now then i ever have been. Which is a very good thing.

Remember how i said i only have two good friends. I take that back now, yes i still do have those two good friends but i realize now that i have others. So in total, lets see i have about 7. Seven really awesome friends that i love to be around. I’m not alone in this world 🙂 How can you feel alone in the world when you’re surrounded by people who make you happy? You just can’t! 🙂

Well that’s about all i have to say for now.

So now for your thing to think about.

Have you ever thought about what your favorite color is??

What does that say about you??

Is it black and are you dark and mysterious??

Or is it orange and are you happy and bubbly??

Is it yellow and are you bright and shining (like the sun)??

Think about it.

You’re favorite color has a lot to say about you.

My favorite color is purple and my second favorite color is orange.

Two bright colors for me.

Two happy colors.

For a very happy person!!!!! 😉

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