Dreaming And Wondering

27 Jan

Today i’ve done a lot of thinking. Thinking about this and that and just everything.  Why do things turn out they way they do? I may never now. All i know is in life, we gain friends, and we lose friends.  People come into our life and then they go back out. I personally have made a lot of friends in my lifetime. Currently though, I don’t have many. I only have two that even live in this state. The other two are spread out over the country, and live way to far away. But yet those friends are the ones that i still have after all of this time. So it makes me think. There had to be a reason that those friends left my life. Sure any of us in this position would like to think that it wasn’t our fault, and by saying that we would be at least half correct.  It is never just one persons fault. When a friendship ends it’s a lot like the domino effect. One thing leads to another, and then another, and so on and so forth. Before you know it all the domino’s are  knocked over and there’s nothing left.  When friends split up, it was never just one of their faults. But both of their faults. Sometimes in the end there is forgiveness though. And sometimes (this always seems to happen to me) there is not.

Sure i may not have many friends but i value those few friends that i do have more then anything in this world. They are like rare exotic birds to me; in the way that i’m glad that they’re there, and good friends like that are rare. Sorry if any of you (my friends) are reading this. Yes sure i just said you were like a bird. And no that is not a bad thing. Everyone has the potential. But only a select few decide to look inside and find out how to fly.

Now on other words.

Have you ever stopped to think that there is no possible way that you could tell EXACTLY what someone else is thinking at the very moment. Sure i guess you could ask them but then how do you know if they’re being truthful?? Humans can’t read minds. Sometimes i wish i could read peoples minds. Especially the minds of a few people who’s names i will not mention. If i could just know what they were thinking, life would make so much more sense to me. I would know what to do, and what i look like through their eyes.

So now i will leave you with something to think about once again.

What is your favorite song??

What does it mean to you??

Does this song describe you at all in any way??

I have a theory. We only like music because it makes things make sense! More on that tomorrow though 🙂 Goodnight world. And keep reading! 🙂

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