Wood Chips, Stars, and Soft Pretzels!!!

26 Jan

Well tonights post might seem random to some of you.  There is only one person who would actually know what i was talking about if they saw this next sentence. I love wood chips, stars, and soft pretzels with cinnamon sugar on them.

Now moving on to something more structured!

The world is such a big place  that no one person could possibly visit every corner of it in their life time.   There are so many things out there. Things that we don’t’ know about and things that we strive to learn about. There is so much opportunity in the world as a whole.  There are so many different cultures and lifestyles and lessons to be learned!! So many sounds to be heard and so many smells to be discovered with that thing in the middle of ones face. So many things to be written and so many things to be created!! So many different foods to be tasted.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how people are outside of your little community (or in some cases your big city). Have you ever stopped to think about that?? They are all so different from us but yet at the same time so alike. People in general are similar but yet at the same time all of our personalities and feelings are so unique!! No two people can feel the same exact emotion or see the same EXACT thing in something or someone. We’re all different. And I dont’ know about you, but i see my life as pretty great. I love it. I love my life and the people in it. Sure i’m optimistic but that doesn’t matter!! I’m a happy person, and i like it that way.  Seriously who wouldn’t want to be happy???

I one day hope to travel the world and see all of it’s sites, and taste all of it’s foods, and hear all of it’s noises (whether they be rather annoying or music to my ears). I want all of that experience. I want to know what it’s like in other places besides this little town! It is only then that i can truly know what i like, once i have experienced as much as i can.  You can’t compare things when you have nothing to compare them to! That’s why i wan’t to travel. To explore! I want to do it in hopes that when i come back, i will be a better person, both mentally and physically (who knows maybe even philosophically).

Before i leave you tonight to go to your warm beds and get a good night of sleep and dreams, i want to give you something to think about.

When was the last time that you did something out of the ordinary? Something that changed your life? Something that other people probably think is weird?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be completely open to change, and accepted something completely new and let it into your life??

When was the last time that u strove to change your own life for the better, and when will the next time be?

Are you afraid of change?

Or do you invite it into your life?

Just think about that.

Goodnight everyone. Keep reading 🙂

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