Symphony Tonight

29 Oct

Well symphony practice tonight was awesome. I am so excited for the concert on December 11th and 12th. It’s going to be great!! If anyone wants to come just comment on here and I will send you info on getting tickets. The White Mountain Symphony Orchestra is just amazing this year, and this concert is going to be great! If you want to come though you need to get your tickets a.s.a.p. because it’s reserved seating this time so if you want your seats together with your family you have to get you seats soon.  Ahhhhh I’m so excited this is going to be great! Well on other news I did a very kind dead after symphony practice tonight. So the story goes like this. We are standing in the lobby of NPC waiting for our ride to get there when this girl in a wheel chair asks me if I could help her with by putting her wheel chair in the back of her truck after she gets in. I of course said yes (how can you say no and why would you say no in the first place) and walked out to her truck with her, while she is excitingly talking about the symphony and how she can’t wait for the Christmas concert. Then she gets in the truck and I put her wheel chair in the back of her truck just like she asked, and we tell each other to have a good night. She was the friendliest lady I believe I have ever had the opportunity to meet, and I will gladly say I am proud of myself for helping her. It made me feel good inside. Then it made me think. If everyday we helped someone who needed help (holding the door out for someone doesn’t count for we should do that anyways) then all of us would all around be happier people. If someone drops some papers in the hallway by all means help them pick them up. It’s not that hard and after you do it, trust me you’ll feel good about it. Helping people is an amazing feeling and you can not replicate it. . . Well on other hands I need to re-string my viola the strings are worn out and need to be replaced. I get to start writing my novel in like OMW (oh my word) 2 days or something like that.  So really really really soon. After I start that I might not be able to post much but I will try. It is super cold outside right now. Like seriously 24 degrees. Crazy it isn’t even Halloween yet.  Well may all of the people out there that are sick get well soon, and my everybody have a good Friday tomorrow!!!!!!! Au revoir and remember, HELP SOMEONE!!!

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Posted by on October 29, 2009 in Concerts, Me, School, Symphony


One response to “Symphony Tonight

  1. Emily

    October 30, 2009 at 11:19 am

    That is a good philosophy. Keep up the good work. 🙂


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