D-Back’s Game and Montgomery Gentry

30 Aug

Well yesterday I took a trip to the valley with Big Brothers Big Sisters to go see a Diamond Back’s game. We went down there on a hot, crowded, noisy bus. Besides the bus ride up there the whole day was great! We won the game Diamond backs with like 16 points (I’m not sure on the exact number) and Astro’s with a total of zero. Yeah you heard that zero. After the game (and a whole ton of junk food) we went down to the first leval of Chase Stadium and watched the first 15 minutes of the Montgomery Gentry concert while we were waiting for everyone to get back in the group. All I have to say is that THEY WERE AWESOME!! Sure I only got to see 15 minutes of it but it’s better than nothing. That is the closest I’ve ever been to a famous person in my life. Well famous people that is. Then we had to leave (so totally sad-making no doubt) and when we got outside Montgomery Gentry’s bus and two semi’s were outside (of course I took pictures being the dork I am). All in all yesterday was a good day, I got to see the game, got to see a concert, and also got a free Gonzo t-shirt (he made a surprise apperance last night, no one knew he was gonna be there [well none of the fans did that is]). Well yesterday was great and today is just starting. I’ll post again soon. But until then au revoir.

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Posted by on August 30, 2009 in Concerts, Diamond Backs, Music, Sports


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